4 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited to Go Back To School

This is the season that most kids on vacation dread — going back to school. While many of you parents love the idea of getting the kids off the TV and mobile computers and into hitting the books, your kids might not be too enthusiastic about that idea. It may also be an anxious time for your child. So to help you in decreasing your child’s anxiety, here are a few back-to-school tips to get your kids revved up for the coming school year.


  1. Go Shopping

Shop for school supplies together with your child. Let him choose his own notebooks, bags, and supplies that he will need in school. Let him choose the design or style that he wants. But always remember to stay within your budget. Give your child your budget amount so that he is aware of the prices of the items he will choose. Let him feel that he has control over what items for school he will get. This is also a great way to teach your child how to buy on a budget and a good opportunity to exercise his brain with math.


  1. Connect with Friends

Going back to school can be an anxious time for a child, especially if it is a new school or it has been a long time since they last saw their friends. A few weeks or days before school starts are a great time for your child to reconnect with his friends to lessen his anxiety. Gather your child’s friends and classmates for an afternoon get -together or a simple going back-to-school party. A get-together like this can also bring excitement to going back to school. Make this a good opportunity to get to know your child’s friends, too. This activity can also boost your child’s confidence and enthusiasm for going back to school.


  1. Hit the books

To make your child look forward to the lessons in school, you may want to scan and preview his books. Check to see which subjects he likes and the subjects that he dislikes. This way, you are made aware of what subjects to look out for during the school year. Together, browse through his books and discuss some of the topics found there. You can also read children’s stories about going back to school to increase your child’s excitement. This activity is also a good opportunity to bond with your child and get to know how he feels about the coming school year.


  1. Start the morning right

On the morning of the first day of school, cook up a sumptuous breakfast, pack a loving and delicious baon, and wake your child up to a good morning surprise. By starting the day right and on a positive note, your child will feel less dreary and anxious to go to school. Put up some balloons, a celebration banner, or anything that will make the first day of school seem festive. This cheers your child up and will surely put a smile of his face, even if he will find it silly.

There are many way to lighten back to school anxiety and turn it into enthusiasm. If you show your child that you are excited for the coming school year too, you can influence his mood and make going back to school a wonderful time for him.

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