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Enrolling in Kumon

I started Kumon when I was in grade one. My math grades back then were not that good so my mom tried to help me. One day, my classmate gave me one of the magazines from Kumon. My mom saw the magazine upon cleaning my bag and she told me that I’ll be enrolling in Kumon after reading the magazine.

At first, I thought it would be really hard but it started off pretty easy. When I kept doing level after level, it got hard yet I was able to get past the struggle. During the difficult times of my Kumon study, I thought of quitting until my Instructor broke the news that I’ve reached the bronze award of my level. Hearing this made me happy and excited!

I want to thank my mom for putting me in this place and for always supporting me. I am also grateful to my Kumon teachers for helping me do my worksheets. I wish all the Kumon students good luck in their study!

Henning Lim, Estrada-Singalong Center

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