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Going through the Kumon Programs

By Czariyah Althea Guiamalon, Math and Reading Completer of Tacurong City Center

Before enrolling in Kumon, math was like any other ordinary subject for me. My performance in the subject was neither good nor bad – just average. But as I moved up to a higher grade level, I gradually found myself having a hard time learning it. I became familiar with the Kumon Program because most of the honor students in my school were attending Kumon and I see them doing their worksheets.

When my mom asked me if I was interested in the Kumon Program, I immediately said ‘yes’ because I really felt the need to. I knew that Kumon would give me the help that I need to pass my subjects with flying colors.

Starting My Journey with Kumon

I was in grade five when I first started the Kumon Math Program. I was having fun answering my worksheets because I found it interesting. However, when I reached Level M (Trigonometry) in the Kumon Math Program, my patience reached its peak. The worksheets started becoming tiresome without me knowing when I would be able to finish the program. Aside from that, I had to balance my responsibilities in school and Kumon. This really made it difficult for me to the point that I purposely missed my Kumon class days.

Nevertheless, I was driven to finish what I’ve started. I focused on my progress until I saw the results of my hard work as I was able to complete the Kumon Math Program. I was very proud of my achievement.

New Opportunities

After realizing the positive effects of Kumon in my life, I decided to enroll in the Kumon Reading Program. I consider this as my second journey in Kumon. I loved English ever since so I did not encounter problems even as I completed the Kumon Reading Program after six short months.

What I am really thankful for in Kumon is that I developed a better version of myself. It helped me trust my own decisions, practice my patience, and evenly divide my time for everything.

Because of Kumon, opportunities were made available for me. I am also thankful to my parents and teachers because I was able to enjoy my entire Kumon journey with them.

Advice to Kumon Students

If there’s one advice I can give to other Kumon students, it would be this:

The worst mistake you can do is to give up. No matter what Kumon Program you are enrolled in, always have faith in yourself because only you can stop yourself from becoming the person you want to be. I did not easily get to the place where I am now. I faced thousands of corrections just like every other student in Kumon. But that did not stop me and I did not let it stop me. That is how I became a multi-subject Kumon Completer.

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