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Winning and Succeeding through Reading!

This letter was written by a Kumon parent from Los Baños Learning Center.

Dear Kumon,

I just want to share my daughter’s achievements. I am really thankful that when we enrolled Kaitlin for the Kumon Reading Program last July 2015, it had a positive impact on her. The Kumon Method has helped her perform well and excel in school. She is consistently top 1 in school and the most advanced reader in class. Consequently, she is also a silver medal awardee for both the Kumon Math and Reading Programs during the Advanced Student’s Honor Roll back in 2016.

It was in September 2016 when Kaitlin’s school principal asked their Kindergarten 2 adviser to pick a representative for the literary contest. Kaitlin was chosen by her adviser without hesitation. I allowed her to join the contest for fun and experience! Before the competition, the contestants had no idea of what short story to read in front of the judges.

During the competition, the contestants read the short story “The King and the Ring”. Immediately after, the judges asked five questions about the story. Kaitlin carefully read the short story as she usually does for her Kumon Reading worksheets. She was able to pronounce each word correctly and clearly. Reading comprehension, as one of the criteria in the contest, was not difficult for her because she was able to answer four out of five questions correctly. The Kumon Method has helped boost her confidence and self-esteem when it comes to reading. As a result, she won 1st place for the Pre-School Reading Contest and Comprehension (Laguna Province Elimination), and 3rd place for the Regionals.

I know this is only the start of Kaitlin’s journey, but my husband and I want to take this opportunity to thank Kumon for helping us and for being our partner in continuously molding and polishing my children not only with knowledge but also with kindness. Through that, they would be able to shine like diamonds and become beacons of light in this world.

Thank you, Kumon, and God bless!


Mrs. April May Gentica, mother of Kaitlin May Gentica

*At present, Kaitlin May is an advanced student currently studying the following topics in the Kumon Math and Reading Programs, respectively: Level I (Factorization, Square Roots, Quadratic Equations, The Pythagorean Theorem) and Level HI (Reading Perspectives, Paragraph Connections, Character Variations, Summarizing over Paragraphs).

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