25 years of nurturing ​Filipinos’ love for learning

Like most great ideas, this educational program began because parents saw a need for their child and addressed it.

In 1954, a second-grade elementary student named Takeshi Kumon brought home a math test that worried his mother, Teiko Kumon. Teiko then spoke to her husband, Toru Kumon, who happened to be a high school math teacher. To address their son’s problem, Toru began making practice math problems on paper for Takeshi to answer on his own.

The founder of the Kumon Method, Toru Kumon, and his eldest son Takeshi Kumon. Photo Source: Kumon

With his experience as a teacher and after much trial and error, Toru found the optimal way for his son to learn and practice his lessons—lessons he knew would be used throughout his son’s entire educational journey. These personal worksheets later became the prototype for today’s Kumon worksheets.

Kumon arrives in the Philippines

It was in 1996 when an affiliate company of the Kumon Institute of Education (KIE) officially reached Manila. Kumon Philippines has since expanded its roots in the Philippines, with more than 300 Learning Centers and guiding over 50,000 students through the Kumon Method.

Along with its growing numbers, Kumon Philippines has also experienced several ceremonial wins. Recognizing its efficiency and success, Entrepreneur Philippines awarded Kumon Philippines as one of the Top 15 Fastest Growing Franchising Companies in the Philippines, the Top 5 Outstanding Franchising Companies in the Philippines, and Best in Franchise Support.

The True Testimony of Success

Kumon Philippines alumna Trassandra Jewelle R. Ipapo once penned a testimony of her journey. Here, she talks about the thrill she experienced at the Center, as she enjoyed answering her worksheets and got great scores as a result. But as she advanced to higher levels, she admits reaching a difficult point. With support from her parents, relatives, and teachers, Ipapo eventually pushed through.

Kumon Achiever Trassandra Jewelle Ipapo shares how the program helped her in school and opened new opportunities for her. Photo Source: Kumon

Ipapo attests to how Kumon helped her succeed. ”I realized that Kumon gave me the skills I needed to overcome the challenges I faced,” she says. ”Aside from helping me in school, Kumon also opened up many new opportunities for me.”

It was through constant practice and in the learning environment fostered by her Kumon community that allowed Ipapo to thrive, helping her become a full scholar during her senior high school and college years. ”All these would not have been possible had I not taken the Kumon program,” she testifies.

Kumon Jewelle Ipapo

Ipapo giving a speech at the 2019 Advanced Students’ Forum on November 10, 2019. Photo Source: Kumon

But more than her academic achievements, Ipapo and other Kumon Completers hold the values of perseverance, commitment, independence, and confidence—each one nurtured and strengthened within their own Centers. ”Because of Kumon, not only was I able to become the best version of myself, but I pushed myself to the limits of who I am meant to be.”

Kumon humbly began almost seven decades ago, and Toru Kumon’s original goal of helping his son master academic skills is now being practiced by four million students in over 50 different countries. The Kumon Method has been tried and tested and has provided adults around the globe with the foundation and values they need to reach success—and is continuing to do so for its current roster of young minds.

Kumon Philippines is celebrating 25 years of success in nurturing the love for learning. In celebration of this milestone, they are offering 25% off on tuition fees for new students and those enrolling in a second subject. Visit their website to learn more.

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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