School + Kumon = Success

There are some things in life that always go together: puto and dinuguan, flowers and chocolates, paper and pen, Christmas and New Year, school and Kumon…school and Kumon?! You read it right! School + Kumon = Success. Designed to be an after-school, supplementary learning program, Kumon’s aim is to allow children to study high school and college-level materials with ease. Through daily Kumon

More Than Just a Summer Activity

More often than not, parents view Kumon as a mere summer program—something to keep their children occupied while school is out. Although Kumon is a good way to make a child’s summer productive, Kumon is definitely more than just a summer activity; it is not done in a short period of time, or in this case, two months.  For a child to reap

Kumon as a Continuous Process

Summer months are the busiest months for academic and extra-curricular learning centers. This is the time when parents decide to enroll their children in various programs for the mind (art classes, academic programs) and body (dance classes, sports clinics). Kumon Centers are no different. You decide that this is the best time to help your children catch up on topics they find difficult

Why Repeat?

“This worksheet/topic again? Why do I have to do this again?” Your child asks you these questions almost every day, and you answer by saying “because you have to” just so there will be no more questions asked. You notice how he shows disbelief over solving the same problems and trying to understand the same topic. Also, you begin to see how he

Providing Children with the Appropriate Books

Reading has a lot of benefits for children. It increases their knowledge with the various events in society, boosts their reading ability and vocabulary, and allows them to experience the wonders of the imagination. It is recommended that a child be introduced to reading at an early age and that a wide range of books from various categories be made available. And it

Conquer Math Through Kumon!

To enable children to self-study with ease senior high school mathematics even in grade school. This was the goal of our founder Toru Kumon when he started developing the Kumon worksheets. Thus, he included only those topics that were essential to achieve that objective. Contents that did not directly help students to self-study high school math have been left out. This is why

Ready, Set, Goal!

New year. New beginnings. At the start of every year, we start to come up with a list of things we would want to achieve. Be it in academics, in sports, or in our everyday routine, there are things that must be done and goals that must be reached. But some, if not most of the time, these goals are just left as