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Kumon study at home with the Math and Reading Program


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More than Just Academics: Innovating and Changing the World Through Kumon

“I learned that Kumon is more than just Math and Reading. Kumon teaches us how to learn and how to...
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Every Child Can Become Excellent!!!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child, you must have been asked this question...
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The Perfect Partner Towards Success

Many things go so well together, peanut butter with jelly, cookies with milk, afternoon tea and biscuits, and so many...
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Getting Your Child Busy Away from the Online World

Now that we are currently facing a pandemic, almost everything that we do nowadays is online. For your children, they...
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Quality and Meaningful Learning Opportunities that Count

Education has always been a priority for Mr. Doroteo Carmelo “Dot” and Mrs. Ma. Johanna “Jhoi” Lujan. They believe in...
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What Makes Kumon Unique

Kumon has been around for more than 50 years, originating from Japan and borne out of a father’s love for...
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Why Self-Learning is a Beneficial Skill

If your children enjoy learning on their own – whether in academics or extra-curricular activities, it means that they trust...
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4 Ways to Encourage Learning at Home

Being at home with your child gives you many opportunities to bond and discuss matters with him/her. It is also...
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Manage Your Kumon Time

With children being advised to stay at home, their day consists of activities that can be categorized in two ways:...
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Developing Self-Confidence

Did your hands sweat when you were asked to talk in front of the class? Did your voice tremble when...
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