Don’t give up even when things get tough!

I started Kumon in 1st grade. It really helped me become more confident. By 2nd grade, I finished first in class. Kumon helped boost my confidence in everything. Before I started Kumon, I wasn’t very good at Math. I didn’t even memorize the multiplication table, and I had to count with my hands. Kumon has helped me not to give up when things get

Young, Independent, and Smart

I started the Kumon Math program when I was in Grade 1 and it helped me become independent, confident, and smart. It helps me a lot in solving math problems easily. Thank you so much, Kumon! I love Kumon! Heaven LeusKumon Tanauan (Batangas) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page

5 home finds you can use as math tools

Can you recall where you first learned how to walk, say your first words, and sing your first nursery rhymes? The backdrop of these little memories and achievements are often our homes. After all, they say that our home is our very first school. Now that classes are mostly done online, our homes are once again an extension of our classrooms. While staying

5 ways to develop math skills of early learners at home

Did you know that children’s early years are a time of rapid learning? According to various studies, children learn more quickly during ages 0 to 8 than at any other time in life. As formative years have a high impact on a child’s life-long journey, parents and guardians should use this time for enrichment activities to support children’s development, learning, and future success.

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Reading Retention

“I read this last night! How come I can’t remember it?” “The word is already on the tip of my tongue! Why can’t I recall it?” “I remember reading this article. How come I forgot what it is about?” Do these lines sound familiar? Perhaps you uttered these during a conversation or in the middle of your graded History recitation or English periodic

Know Your Author: Louisa May Alcott

For some time now, several blockbuster movies are film adaptations of Young Adult (YA) nonfiction, horror, and other genres of fiction. The intertwining of these two media is a beautiful bridge between movie aficionados and avid readers. Upon learning that their favorite book will be adapted into a movie, bookworms can’t wait to see characters in their imagination come to life. On the

Determined to achieve my goal

This pandemic shouldn’t be a hindrance to achieve our goals and wants in Kumon. In my case, there are two persons who inspire me the most, and those are my parents. With my achievements and medals, I can make them proud and happy. I will try to do my very best for them even though I will face challenges in life.   We often feel lazy and unmotivated when answering