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  • My mommy is my favorite person. She inspires me to do well in school everyday. I look up to her because even if we have so much to do, she never gets tired! She cooks breakfast, helps me get dressed for school, prepares my lunch, takes care of my brother, brings me to Kumon, helps with my homework and many more! She does a lot of things, and yet she still has the energy to play with me and my brother before bedtime. My mom is the best! I want to be as patient, loving and industrious as her someday.

    Unna Fransella Ramos | 8 years old

    Pagsawitan-Highway (Sta. Cruz) Center
  • This person has been there for me since day one. I owe her my life because after all, she is the one who gave me this life to live. She has taught me to work hard and to do my best. But she also reminds me to always have fun. She has taught me to be positive in difficult circumstances. I am thankful to her because she is always there for me, and she loves me. This person who I look up to the most is my MOM.

    Clare Francesca Villasis | 9 years old

    Cabuyao Center
  • I really look up to my parents because they are selfless. They are genuine and amazing parents. I’m so lucky to have them and I want to be like them when I have kids in the future

    Reuther Bastian Villaflor | 9 years old

    Pilar Village Center
  • The person I look up to the most is my father because he didn’t have a lot of money when he was young, yet today, he is still a hardworking, kind, loving, and smart father.

    Augustine Raphael Banguis | 12 years old

    Toril (Davao) Center
  • The persons I look up the most are my parents because without them, I’d be nothing. My parents taught me how to dream big and soar high!

    Gian RB Cruz | 14 years old

    Poblacion (Pulilan) Center

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