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Know Your Author - Louisa May Alcott


Kumon has taught me that learning Math is fun and easy with the Kumon Method. It helped me improve my mathematical skills and abilities. My Kumon teachers motivate me and teach me to be diligent and determined in doing my daily homework. With what I have learned in Kumon, the lessons in my school are much easier for me to do.

I am currently doing Level K and I am looking forward to being a Kumon Math completer soon! 

Jose Ronel Valentino B. Ramintas

Kalibo (Aklan) Center

My love for Math. That’s why I like to do my worksheets.

Aside from Kumon, I am currently enrolled in school. When my mommy told me that Kumon has Math and Reading Programs, I asked her to enroll me, too.

In Kumon, the mathematical strategy is different from what I learned in school, and I get inspired by what I can discover.

I would like to be a pilot or an aircraft engineer when I grow up, so math is what I want to continue to improve in all my skills.

Clark Kyllem Lobaton

Hi-Strip 5 (Bacolod) Center

My daughter, Sanndria, has learned to keep her focus and maintain her interest in reading. Kumon has also sharpened her mind to prepare her for every challenge. Now, my Sanndria has developed the confidence to read on her own. Thank you, Kumon! 

Kumon Parent Willen Mercado

Southwoods Mall Center

I learned a lot through the Kumon Method. The way my teachers guide me in Math is really fun. I love their way of teaching. It gives me more enthusiasm to keep on going, and I always look forward to my next class. I learned to be attentive and obedient. I also learned to be diligent in doing my after-class activities. 

Miguel Pobre

Southwoods Mall Center

Before, I totally didn’t like Math. But learning about fractions made me more interested in Mathematics. 

Cara Elissa A. Villaflor

Southwoods Mall Center

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