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Developing Self-Confidence

Did your hands sweat when you were asked to talk in front of the class? Did your voice tremble when...
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Your Child is More than an Achiever

Much has been written about holistic approaches to the development of a child. They say the most effective methods can...
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It’s Never Too Young to Start in Kumon

Enrolling a child in a learning center at an early age has been a source of debate among parents and...
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Attaining Balance in One’s Everyday Routine

Busy and hectic are just two of the words that can describe a day in a Kumon student’s life. Your...
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Free Trial? Free Kumon Experience!

Josh Chael Villanueva reached an amazing feat in 2019 – he became the youngest Kumon Math Program Completer of Zamboanga...
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How Parents’ Support Developed a Multi-Talented Child

Every parent believes that his or her child is uniquely smart and talented. This holds true for Mr. Manuel and...
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Resolutions, Resolutions!

It’s 2020! How were your resolutions in 2019? Were you able to accomplish them all? As another year opens, it’s...
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Benefits Beyond School

Mothers know best. This quote held true for Nicole Alexis Tan since it was her mother that pushed for her...
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Pep Talk to Advancement

You may have already read all the articles on what you and your child need to do for him to...
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Develop the Love for Reading: In and Beyond the Four Walls

Reading is an activity that everyone does on a daily basis. Almost every move involves the need to read a...
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