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How My 11-Year-Old Daughter Conquered the World Through Kumon

For Kumon parent and Instructor Audrey Tan, the learnings of her daughter Angela Clare in Kumon Philippines helped her daughter in winning local and international competitions and dreaming for a brighter future ahead.
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Young Learner’s Journey to Completing the Kumon Reading Program

Kumon Philippines Student Testimonial | One of the youngest Kumon completers share how the Kumon Method of Learning helped shape her character and outlook in life.
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How my family experienced the Kumon advantage

Kumon Philippines parents Roman and Lucia Infante share a testimonial on how they experienced the Kumon advantage.
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Passing on the Gift of Achievement Through Kumon

A Kumon Philippines Parent Testimonial | Kumon Parent Ernesto Alay, Jr. looks back at the milestones of his children, especially in Kumon. He recalls how they managed to achieve great fights throughout their Kumon journey.
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Kumon is Worth It!

A Kumon Philippines Parent Testimonial | Kumon Parent Amy Arceo shares how Kumon encouraged her son to study independently and study advanced topics, which will greatly help him in school.
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A Fun Ride: My Journey as a Kumon Parent in the Philippines

A Kumon Philippines parent Testimonial | Kumon Mom Shella Telan saw how Kumon enabled her two children to learn the value true hard work, persistence, being helpful and academically excellent.
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How Kumon Improved my Children’s abilities

Genely Parafina, a parent form Kumon Philippines, gives a testimonial on how Kumon developed her children's discipline, study routine, and academic abilities.
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5 ways you can help your child learn about themselves

Self-actualization is important for a child because they become confident to learn about other when they know themselves. As an...
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Setting Up My Child for Success

We believe Kumon is setting up Joaquin for success. He would sometimes tell us that what he’s learning in primary school is something that he already learned in Kumon. As Kumon parents, we just need to continue being patient, being there for him, giving him words of encouragement, and, if needed, rewarding him with things that he finds pleasurable.
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How does Kumon complement school?

Just like that, we’ve already entered the school year 2021-2022—the second year of online learning. By this time, students may...
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