Why Self-Learning is a Beneficial Skill

If your children enjoy learning on their own – whether in academics or extra-curricular activities, it means that they trust their skills, and are up for any challenge. In Kumon, we identify this as self-learning. Basically, self-learning is taking in information, processing it, and retaining it without the need for another individual to be teaching in order for children to gain understanding. As

4 Ways to Encourage Learning at Home

Being at home with your child gives you many opportunities to bond and discuss matters with him/her. It is also equally important to guide your child as he/she grows up, which means that you would have to take in the responsibility of understanding your child, and making yourself understood as a parent as well. To be able to be understood by your child,

Manage Your Kumon Time

With children being advised to stay at home, their day consists of activities that can be categorized in two ways: continuing the usual daily routine and trying different hobbies and activities. As exciting as it is, you will often see your children juggling different activities and tasks in one day – which can range from learning a new instrument and trying a new

Maximizing Kumon at Home

Consistently studying your worksheets at home guarantees continuous progress and a smooth Kumon study. Since the environment at home is different from the Center, there are many activities that can distract you from studying. You can increase your productivity at home with a dash of discipline, the right attitude, and a good study routine. Doing your worksheets in the Center allowed you to

Attaining Balance in One’s Everyday Routine

Busy and hectic are just two of the words that can describe a day in a Kumon student’s life. Your child usually starts his day by going to school with some extracurricular and afterschool activities (including Kumon) in the afternoon. He then spends some time with friends and family before he eventually ends the day by doing homework and completing house chores. Yes,

How Parents’ Support Developed a Multi-Talented Child

Every parent believes that his or her child is uniquely smart and talented. This holds true for Mr. Manuel and Mrs. Marjorie Montenegro since it has been their tradition to be equally present whenever Marielle Charlize, their daughter, is set to receive an award for her achievements. Indeed, just like other parents, Mr. and Mrs. Montenegro celebrate their daughter’s successes as a family.

Pep Talk to Advancement

You may have already read all the articles on what you and your child need to do for him to become an advanced student. Be it the people you need to communicate with, the steps you need to take, the plans you need to follow, and the goals you need to achieve – almost everything about becoming an advanced student has already been

Why Math is Important

Why is math important? This is one of the most frequent and favorite questions of a young child, especially when he dislikes math or when he finds it too difficult to understand. As a parent, you may even ask the same question especially when helping your child with his math homework is as hard as getting him to wake up for school every

5 Things that Highly Successful Kumon Parents Do

Kumon is not just another activity for students but also for the parents as well. Contrary to what most parents think, the Kumon Math and Reading Programs entail the involvement of the parents in order for their child to progress smoothly and to help them develop further. Since Kumon is a home based learning program, the parents also have to monitor their child’s