Five Guidelines to Good Communication

As a parent, there are times when you feel that communicating with your child is one of the most difficult things to do. He doesn’t understand you and you don’t understand him. You blame it on the generation gap, the advent of social media, and other outside factors. Eventually, both of you end up frustrated. But did you consider the act of communication,

Belief, Hard Work, and Support = Success

Jordin Margaux Tayag was just two and a half years old when she was introduced to the Kumon Program. Mr. Jess and Mrs. Mia Tayag, both full-time government employees and part-time teachers, were looking for a pre-school where Jordin could adjust to the idea of structured learning before enrolling in a big school. According to Mr. Tayag, “Jordin was already familiar with the

Building Self-Confidence Starts At Home

Ask any parent what he wants most for his child, and the answer you’ll mostly get is, “I want my child to be happy and successful.” A big part of happiness and success is self-confidence, which is one’s belief in himself and his abilities. There are a number of environments, people, and ways that can influence how your child develops confidence. But one

Empowering Children with Resiliency

Raising children is really a tough role for parents to portray. But raising resilient children is definitely a different story and a more difficult one. Like any value, resiliency is not developed overnight. At most, parents play vital roles in inculcating this trait in children. How do we set apart children armed with resiliency from the crowd? Resilient children possess high self-worth and

Foundation for a Brighter Tomorrow

Robert Bryan Yee did not have any plans to enroll in Kumon. His mother just told him to try the program at a nearby Kumon Center. What made him excited was when he found out about the topics per level and the level of difficulty for each. This was because he loves to take on challenges, especially mental ones. From there, Bryan realized

Falling in Love with Math and Learning

From having poor math grades in elementary, becoming a consistent high school honor student of Paco Catholic School, graduating Magna Cum Laude in college, passing the Electrical Engineering Board Exam in September 2014 with her rating just shy of 0.75% from the 10th topnotcher, and now an Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) scholar at the University of the Philippines – Diliman,

Math is Everywhere

“Why do I need to study math?” This is a question your child asks every time he encounters a difficult problem or every time he does not feel like answering his math homework. The answer to his question is simple – it’s because math is present everywhere and anywhere. Be it in nature, in technology, in money, or in everyday chores, math shows

Your Child and Kumon Math

To equip students to self-study senior high school mathematics with ease. This is the goal of the Kumon Math Program that Mr. Toru Kumon initially developed for his son, Takeshi. He wanted Takeshi to develop strong calculation and life skills. Thus, he only included topics that were essential to achieve the needed skills, abilities, and attitudes in students. From this, you must be

The Benefits of Completion

The goal of reaching the finish line is something that everyone shares. Be it reaching the most advanced level of a video game, celebrating the great ending of a movie, or successfully forming the final pyramid in performance, the sense of pride and relief settles in when you realize that you have reached your end goal. The same thing happens in Kumon. Initially,