My Kumon Teacher, My Guide

Some teachers are sweet.Some teachers are funny. Some teachers are cute.  Some teachers are loving. But you are hard to label, Because in every possible way, You motivate me, inspire me. You taught me, you guided me, Encourage me to do my best! Thank you for taking care of me.  Eja Maeuz D. CabungcalKumon Centro (Santiago) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page

Love for learning never stops

Happy 25th birthday, Kumon Philippines! I am very happy to have a Center near my school. I am excited to go to my session all the time because Kumon Teachers are so friendly and playful to me. In this pandemic, I still answer my worksheets because I love to learn more about math. I wish for Kumon to continue to change the lives

Sparkling Future with Kumon

I started last January, Thinking things will be ordinary.  Through my worksheets, I learn independently,  But thank you to my teachers, who I love unconditionally.   Kumon makes learning fun. In 10 minutes, worksheets should be done.  Kumon encourages me to think on my own. My writing has improved, your mind will be blown.   Last month, my mom enrolled me in Kumon Math. I am always excited to answer after bath.  Kumon

Learning, The Kumon Way

My school life and education would be utterly incomplete without my worksheets and the guidance of my Teacher. Thank you for imparting knowledge and teaching the Kumon way. Happy 25th Birthday! Marianne Riona R. CatorKumon Ayala Circuit Makati Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page