Asking for HELP

Kyle was a smart boy in high school. He is always studying so he gets good grades. But one day, Kyle was stressing over the final exams of his school term. He studied from 9 pm to 2 am! His parents were trying to tell him that he should rest more, and told him not to over-use his night light.

When Kyle took the test the morning after, he was dizzy, tired, and sleepy. He couldn’t understand anything! A few days later, the quiz results was returned to the class. Kyle looked at his score and it was bad. He then thought “Hey, it’s not bad to ask for help, right?”

So, he would ask his mom to for help. With this, Kyle was able to understand his lessons and he got a good grade!

Kyle learned a valuable lesson: It’s okay to ask for help!

Chloe Margaret Dumaual, Alabang Town Center

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