4 Ways to Set Up Your Reading Corner at Home

Have your checked your books lately? If you have a mini-library at home, now is the best time to arrange your books and continue reading them!

Whether it’s in a rack or a shelf – here are the best ways to arrange your mini-library for your ultimate reading project:

1. Alphabetically
This is the most reliable method you can count on, especially when you want to locate your favorite titles quickly. Most libraries use this method, and some would alphabetize books by each author’s last name. Just a little tip: ‘A’ and ‘The’ counts when you alphabetize titles!

2. By Genre
If you’re a full-fledged bookworm with a wide range of books, you can categorize your books by genre (classics, non-fiction, fantasy, etc.) Don’t worry if you come across books that may cross two or more genres (historical-fiction, mystery-fantasy, etc.), because as long as you think it’s easily located from the genre that makes sense to you, then you’re good to go!

3. Chronologically
Libraries that have a collection of rare books are arranged by publication date for easy access. You can adopt this system and add a little spice to it by era (if you’re into historical, cultural, or technological periods). This system may be time-consuming, but it’s definitely interesting for others who plan on trying it.

4. By Color
If your aim is to have an aesthetically pleasing mini-library, then arranging books by color is you best option. You can play with the cover of your books by arranging them in such a way they come out as a rainbow effect. This way, you’ll find it more pleasing when you want to locate a certain title.

Ultimately, the decision lies to you when it comes to arranging your reading corner. Don’t be afraid to try these tips! What matters is that you have your own efficient mini-library which contributes to your reading project.

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