5 reasons why Kumon is a great summer activity for a child

Parents are now on the hunt for the ideal summer activity for their children. These activities, however, shouldn’t be something that will only keep your child occupied for the months to come. Wise parents would opt for something that will prepare their child for the next school year and will make a lasting positive impact on little ones’ lives.

To make every penny and moment count this summer (and even beyond), thousands of Filipino parents have enrolled their children in Kumon. Here are five advantages of choosing Kumon this summer and why your child should start, too.

1. For early learners, it’s great preparation for the big school.

Kumon is a great introduction to the academic setting. Before entering school, they are already used to seeing classmates and interacting with teachers. They will become more comfortable when they enter the classroom setting.

As an afterschool learning program, Kumon also develops the very foundation of learning to help them easily learn more advanced topics. Here, young learners will learn to hold a pencil, sound out letters, and identify numbers. Little by little, they will gain the confidence to learn how to write, read, and count on their own.

As they progress in the program, they will gain a positive outlook towards learning and nurture academic and study skills

2. Children get to maintain a healthy routine.

Some students form unhealthy routines during summer.

Instead of going down a rabbit hole, take the summer break as an opportunity to help your child maintain or start a healthy routine. In Kumon, students dedicate at least 30-45 minutes of their day to answering their worksheets and attending twice a week online or face-to-face classes.

By having a routine, they also form good habits and feel accomplished, focused, and productive. They will not have a hard time bouncing back once school resumes.

3. Students get to catch up or advance in school.

With the sudden changes in learning, summer has become an opportunity to catch up (or even advance) in school.

Before enrolling in Kumon programs—which complement the school curriculum— they will undergo an assessment (called a diagnostic test) to see your child’s current abilities. Trained Kumon Instructors will identify your child’s strengths and the gaps in learning. Through this assessment, students start at a comfortable level or a level that is not too hard and not too easy.

As they begin at a point that’s suited for their skills, they will feel less intimidated to study topics they once feared or avoided. On the flip side, they will appreciate learning and realize that they have a hidden potential to study even advanced topics.

4. Get to know themselves more

Summer break is also a great time to help your child get to know himself/herself better.

Children get to experience this first through the diagnostic test, where they will learn more about their current skills and strengths and abilities they can develop. As they advance and strive towards completion, they will discover their true potential.

5. Discover a love for learning

When students start their Kumon journey, they will first tackle topics that are suited to their skills in order to solidify the foundation of the basics of learning. As they master the basics, it will become easier and more exciting for them to level up and take on more advanced topics in school and Kumon. Around this time, they have also seen the value of learning and cultivated self-learning skills and healthy self-esteem.

With the right mindset, they will continue to embrace learning inside and outside and school.

Are you ready to make your child’s summer break worthwhile and memorable? Kumon’s enrollment is year-round. Click below to enroll.


Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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