Why Read? 5 Reasons Why You Need to Develop the Habit of Reading

“Why should I like reading?”

This is one question that you might ask, especially when you have a lot of homework that involves reading different kinds of books and texts. One way to answer why is to explain why you need to make reading a part of your life.

There are many benefits that the habit of reading can offer, especially when it comes to matters that pertain to your mental growth, comprehension, and communication skills. Here are some of the primary reasons why you should get into the habit of reading now:

  • An active mind

When you pick up a book and read, your mind receives stimulation. At a younger age, the books you read contained colorful images and large fonts. This helped stimulate parts of the brain, especially those that deal with vision and creativity. Studies say that colors and large words enhance attention and retention ability.

  • Fundamental skills

The first step toward a successful life is to build your basic skills or your fundamentals. There is no better way of doing this than through books. If it isn’t about the information that these books contain, then it is about the whole concept of reading. You improve your concentration and focus and your comprehension skills, reading speed, grammar, and spelling.

  • Memory boost

As you read books, you read a storyline that holds meaning only if you remember what happened earlier in the story. This means that if you are engrossed in a book right until the end, you are surely aware of what happened initially. Improving your memory can be of great help both in your academic life and in your future career.

  • Increased self-esteem

You learn new things when you read. Not only does additional knowledge make you feel more confident in your ability, but it also makes you develop a strong understanding of different subject matters. Reading also increases your curiosity and interest to explore new fields. You get to go out of your comfort zone and add to your already growing knowledge and experience.

  • Creativity

Studies say that there is no limit to the degree of creativity that the mind can achieve. As early as preschool, you developed even a minimum level of intelligence and creativity when exposed to picture books. This is because colorful objects can invigorate your mind. When supported by pictures, a storyline makes you interested in the most basic colors and shapes and gets you to imagine what the situation is like in a story.

Aside from the academic-related benefits mentioned, reading is an activity that is personally beneficial too. Books open doors to various and vast wonders, even if it is only for a period of time. You are introduced to a world of limitless possibilities and experiences, which you can go back to whenever you wish. So why not grab your favorite book or a book you’ve wanted to know more about and start reading now?

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