5 secrets to writing a powerful essay

So you’ve been tasked to create an essay for school. Naturally, you want to turn in a piece that can hook readers and something you can be proud of. Instead of putting pressure on yourself, look at writing as an art form. As with any art, you have to practice and prepare to produce something worthwhile.

As you embark on this journey, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will share five secrets to writing a powerful essay.

1. Make reading a habit.

The best-kept secret of excellent writers is reading as this habit brings plenty of advantages.

Through reading widely, you can widen your skills as a writer. It won’t be limited to broadening your vocabulary; you become familiar with or inspired by the writing techniques, styles, and tones of other writers. Through reading different written materials, you also expand your understanding of various topics, making it easier to fortify your arguments in any essay.

2. Beef it up with facts, examples, and reasoning.

This is where the benefits of reading come in handy.

Make your essay something worth reading by tactfully putting together facts, examples, and reasoning. You can beef up your output by citing statistics, research, news articles, or quotes. To weave and make it more interesting, connect these pieces of information with an informed opinion or real-life experiences.

3. Understand the essay prompt carefully.

Before getting into writing, understand the essay prompt to avoid beating around the bush and filling the essay with words that might bore the reader (or worse, add arguments that aren’t related at all).

Know what is being asked, as this will significantly help you organize your thoughts and create an outline or action plan on how your essay will pan out.

4. Remember, the first draft is never the final output.

Once you’re done writing your essay, take a break. Do something that will clear your mind. After, give the essay another read with a refreshed mind. Check your grammar, spelling, and word usage. This is also the perfect time to remove unnecessary fillers, restructure your points, or rewrite some statements.

Let others read your piece and ask for their constructive input if the situation permits. Carefully consider their points when you do another round of writing and editing.

5. Enjoy the journey

Again, writing is like an art form that takes time to get used to–let alone master. Enjoy your writing journey instead of pressuring yourself to churn out words and produce a masterpiece overnight!

More often than not, your emotions towards what you are doing will transpire in your piece. Show enthusiasm when writing your article; there’s a good chance that your readers will feel it, too.      

Use this undertaking as a learning opportunity, a practice tool, and a stepping stone. Remember that after every writing experience, you will be a step closer to being the writer you aim to be.


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