5 tips on how to practice self-love

Get to know all about self-love and why it matters to the youth

We may have heard people say, “You cannot truly love another until you learn how to love yourself.” This line rings true to many today. After all, it’s been the norm to show love to our dearest ones every day, especially on Valentine’s Day. However, rarely do we think about loving ourselves and its importance in the long run.

But before we dive deeper, what is self-love? Why is self-love important for the youth? And if we’re unfamiliar with it, where do we begin?

What is self-love?

For one, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-love as “love of self” or “an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue.” Others say it is accepting our whole selves, treating ourselves with the utmost kindness, and focusing on our wellbeing.

What’s interesting about self-love is that while it has plenty of textbook definitions, each of us will discover its true meaning along our self-love journey.

Why is self-love important for the youth?

Learning to love ourselves as early as possible leads us to live a full and happy life. Day by day, we will get to know and understand ourselves better. Little by little, we will learn how to embrace or work around our flaws.

In time, we will realize that as we have loved ourselves from the very beginning, we have the strength to look at the good and the bad from different perspectives. Beyond this, we will have time to discover our potential and develop them to the maximum to help ourselves and the people around us.

Where do we begin?

There’s no rule as to how self-love begins, but what matters is we are determined to start and take the first step–whatever it may be.

To help you find inspiration, we’ve lined up things that you can try:

Get to know yourself

5-tips-on-how-to-practice-self-love-Get to-know-yourself

Try different activities. Perhaps, you can try creating a story, writing a song, or understanding mathematical equations formulated by mathematicians and scientists. This way, you will know what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at, and what you wish to develop.

As long as you’re having fun, the sky’s the limit for activities you can explore.

Create healthy habits


Self-love and self-care are different but related. Taking care of yourself is an important part of self-love.

Begin with this by regularly getting the recommended amount of sleep and exercise. You can also try sprucing up your meals by adding colorful fruits and vegetables. Of course, a healthy daily routine won’t be complete without nourishing your mind. Set a study and Kumon time every day so you can steadily develop your academic and study skills.

Take opportunities to grow


Whenever there’s an opportunity to grow, seize the moment and go for it. If you know you love singing or writing poems or if you know you’re good at math, join competitions or volunteer to showcase your talent in school events. Let go of your worries and focus on your dreams and how the experience brings out the best in you.

Build your confidence


We all have flaws that are hindering us from being confident. And it’s normal. When you’re doubting yourself, reach out. Ask questions and seek guidance from your parents, teachers, siblings, or peers.

While asking for their guidance, keep practicing and trying until you’re confident in your skills and abilities. Don’t forget to tell yourself, “I can do it, and I can do more!”

Allow yourself to make mistakes


It helps to remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned from mistakes. So when you make mistakes, do not be too hard on yourself to the point that it will hinder you from learning and moving forward.

When you see tick marks on your worksheets, take them as opportunities to sharpen your Math and Reading skills. Study the mistakes you’ve made and apply your learnings when you answer your next set of worksheets. Self-love is a long but beautiful ride. Hop on it and see how far it will take you when you start today.


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