5 Tips on How to Study Smarter

Have you ever felt like 24 hours a day is not enough for you as a student? With all the homework to finish, projects to work on, and tests to study for, there might be so much on your plate. Not to mention the other activities and commitments you have to attend to. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have all the time in the world to do all of your activities at your own pace?

However, our time is fixed. We can live a balanced life by knowing how to manage ourselves and maximize the time we have in a day. The first step is to change your study habits by studying smarter!

Here are a few tips on how you can study the smart way:

1. Know the best study environment for you.

Find the best place to study at home where you can focus on your studies. Avoid studying in bed or reading while lying down as you may have the tendency to fall asleep. Reduce background noise or play soft music to keep your mind relaxed while studying. Finding the best time to study also affects your study environment as this tells you that you are prepared to enter your “study mode.”

2. Take control of your schedule.

Controlling your study schedule will help you accomplish your goals for the day. For instance, you can track which assignments should go first or which lessons should be prioritized. It is important that you plan your schedule and determine the number of hours you need to finish a task. Of course, you’ll have to try your best and stick to the schedule you have planned out for yourself to accomplish more in a day!

3. Use your free time to your advantage.

There are times when you will be receiving lighter schoolwork than usual. You must be extra careful with your ‘easy’ days or weeks and use them to your advantage by getting ahead with lessons, projects, and papers. You can also use your lean days to spread out the work for your big project, especially when the due date is not yet nearing.

4. Organize your notes and maximize available resources.

Anyone can take down notes, but organizing them in a way that you can better understand it is another. Try making diagrams or listing key points to help you remember certain topics. You can also try summarizing your notes to increase your learning efficiency. Maximize your resources at home, such as your internet connection and electronic devices, to research for extra information related to your lessons.

5. Take breaks after each study session.

Ultimately, you cannot entirely do any of the mentioned tips above without getting enough rest and sleep. Sleep is essential to us, which is why it is also a must for every student to take short breaks after each study session. This habit of taking breaks will allow you to refresh your mind and keep you motivated to focus on your next study session.

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