5 ways to overcome your fear of math

“I’m not good at math.” “Math is not my cup of tea.” “Oh no. I’m worried because it’s math.”

Do these lines sound familiar to you? Perhaps you’ve said one of these recently in school. If you have, don’t worry. Many others have a fear of math or what some call mathematical anxiety or math phobia. Many have also overcome this and discovered that the subject isn’t so frightening after all.

If you often feel uneasy, worried, or stressed when it’s time for math, Kumon Philippines is here to guide you out of your fear. Let’s walk through some tips to get your journey started.

Acknowledge your fear.

As you found yourself in this article, it means you’ve started and braved the first step: acknowledging your fear. Pat yourself on the back for doing this.

Now, breathe and ask yourself, “Why am I scared of math?” Did this stem from an uncomfortable experience in school? Do you experience fear because you’ve always been told that math is difficult? Take your time as you find out the root of your fear. By discovering why it started, you can begin resolving the cause and move forward towards a healthy mindset on math.

Keep practicing

While on your way to overcoming your fear, there might come a time you will feel anxious and fearful when facing numbers and new equations. When this happens, keep practicing! Revisit your mistakes or new lessons and solve them until you arrive at the correct answer.

Your constant practice and firm belief in your abilities will help you get through your fear of math day by day. If you keep on going, you’ll surely reach a point where math no longer scares but excites you.

Apply math in real life

Math goes beyond tests in school. To make math more relatable, apply it in everyday life. It will help you visualize, appreciate, and enjoy what you’re doing in school. As a bonus, you get to sharpen your skills!

There are plenty of ways to incorporate math into life. Perhaps you can do this while baking, measuring your height, counting your allowance, or buying groceries. If you’ve leveled up, you can fuel your imagination by calculating vehicle speed, the size of a construction site, and more!

Focus on positive self-talk.

Many have said (and still say) math is difficult. Maybe this influenced or fueled your fear. But it’s time to regain your power. Know that everyone is born with a gift. If we put our hearts, minds, and muscles into something, we can fulfill it.

To empower your math skills and overcome your fear, tell yourself, “I can do it! I can do more!” Say this whenever it’s time to work on your math homework or math class. Condition your mind for success; before you know it, you’ve already gained confidence.

Find a program that will support you.

Part of acknowledging your fear of math is knowing when to seek a helping hand.

Kumon, for one, has a Math Program that helps students build the foundation of solid math skills and discover their true potential.

In Kumon, we focus on helping students like you as begin at a comfortable level of study so you can rediscover the joys and beauty of math and learning. As you study daily with a positive mindset, you will realize that you have the ability to do math! And, as you reach higher levels in math, your Instructor will be there to guide, cheer, and believe in you.

Let us be the first to say we are proud of you for taking the first step to overcoming your fear of math. We’ll be here every step of the way. The journey might not be as easy as it seems, but you’ll soon discover that there are ways to see math as an exciting subject that will tickle your mind. And you have come this far! Why don’t you give these tips a try? 


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