5 ways you can help your child learn about themselves

Self-actualization is important for a child because they become confident to learn about other when they know themselves.

As an adult, you know the importance of self-actualization. You know what it is like to find the one thing you are talented in and how satisfying it is to work on something you enjoy. And as a parent, your child’s journey to self-actualization is now your adventure, too. After all, you want them to find their passion and make the most of what life has to offer them.

But you might be asking, ”How can I help my child on their journey to self-actualization?” Just remember that the answer is simple: Not alone. With your help, your child could be on his or her way without even realizing it.

1. Create a positive and curious environment

Allow and guide your child to be curious and exploratory of the world around them. Photo source: Envato Elements

Your child is likely still discovering different activities and disciplines that he or she could excel at. It would benefit your child to grow in an environment that allows exploration. Try not to discourage something just because it is not traditional, or because you do not understand it. Instead, encourage their adventurous spirit.

Know that this environment will be effective if your child sees that it applies to all family members— from parents and guardians to siblings.

2. When you see potential, encourage your child

Let your child feel your support in whatever activity or thing they may be interested in, no matter how big or small. Photo source: Envato Elements

While your child may show strength in something that you cannot help them with, it is still important that you show encouragement. When they draw or paint a picture, hang it up on the refrigerator. When they learn a new song, ask them to sing it and maybe even get them to teach you. When they finish their math exercise quickly, celebrate with them.

3. Establish authority

As parents, it is important to balance allowing your child certain liberties to grow while also teaching them to respect your authority as parents. Photo source: Envato Elements

While curiosity is important in your child’s self-actualization journey, he or she must not forget who the authority is. Put firm boundaries wherever needed, like limiting their screen time or asking for permission before taking things from the pantry, office space, or toy shelf. By establishing a level of authority, your child will understand that while he or she cannot act on their own accord, there is still a level of freedom that allows them to be themselves.

4. Offer acceptance

As young as they are, teach your child that they will not always be good at everything, but that does not mean that they should not try. Photo source: Envato Elements

No one is good at every single thing; each child has their own set of strengths and finds different things a little challenging. As much as you celebrate their successes, make sure they know that it is okay not to be great at everything they try. Providing and positively instilling your acceptance will help your child know that weaknesses need not be weaknesses; they are just avenues that can always be further developed.

5. Extend it beyond the family

There is no doubt that a stable, safe, and encouraging household can help a child in their journey to self-actualization, but a child’s growth is not limited to the walls of his or her home. So when it comes to considering the external environments you put your child in, attempt to always align with your values.Look into schools and after-school programs like Kumon that may help instill lessons and values that your child can take with him or her in their years beyond school. Work with environments that help foster independence, confidence, and curiosity.While self-actualization is a topic you do not hear too often, it does not mean you shy away from it. As a parent with a goal to develop his or her child, you can always explore ways to make sure that your little one grows up in an encouraging environment, both internal and external, that will allow them to achieve their full potential

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