How my family experienced the Kumon advantage

Math is one of the most challenging subjects for students. So we then enrolled our children in Kumon to enhance their skills in Mathematics and English. Since our children were enrolled in Kumon, they excelled and Math has become their strength.

Kumon trained them to be independent, manage their time properly, and be responsible children and students.

Becoming academically excellent

Our eldest, Francheska, was exempted in her major exam in Integral Calculus. Our second child had the opportunity to tutor the Math subject to her classmates who needed improvement and assistance.

Our youngest had excelled in both Math and English.  He was a consistent champion for his Sports Writing journalism quest during their school’s Press Conference for his elementary and Junior High School. At the same time, he attained the highest score for his entrance exam for a science High School in Pampanga. Recently, he was also given the privilege to be a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) scholar. He was also given a chance to take the scholarship exam for children of members of our Provident Plan at Pag-IBIG Fund. He attained the highest score amongst all examinees of children of Pag-IBIG Fund employees nationwide.

Kumon has trained them to be self-disciplined, manage their time well, and set priorities. In fact, even during the pandemic, Fatima and Philippe received excellent grades with less supervision. They even made it to the list of honorees.

We know that second to God’s help is his Kumon learnings that contributed to this great blessing.  My three children also help their younger cousins with homework and their modules.

Overcoming challenges

Challenges form part of everything we do; we should deal with these challenges carefully and patiently. We must always consider these challenges as learning lessons. The most difficult part was when our second child approached us and told us that she would stop attending Kumon.

We were shocked. We prayed as a family to give our child strength and courage. After that, we decided to talk to her about giving up one subject first if she’s having a hard time doing both Kumon and regular school. Through prayers and lots of patience, and little by little, we made her realize the importance and privilege she will enjoy once she finishes Kumon. She learned that no task is easy without learning time management and self-discipline. However, she still stopped Kumon Reading temporarily.

We sought the help of the Kumon Instructors to help us motivate her. With this, she attended the Kumon Reading subject and became a program completer both for Reading and Math. 

Parents’ support, love, understanding, and patience of parents are keys to helping the children in their Kumon journey.

Preparing for the future through Kumon

Since Math and English are the major subjects for all kinds of examinations, they usually excel in whatever examination they take.

Our eldest, Francheska, is currently employed as Quality Assurance Officer at Nestle Phils. here in the province. She finished Food Technology at the University of Sto. Tomas. She is also Career Service Professional-eligible, which she can use if she decides to pursue a career in any government office.

Our second child is a member of the graduating Medical Technology class at the University of Sto. Tomas (UST). She is also Career Service-eligible.  She will be preparing for her Board Exam, and I’m sure Kumon will still be a big help.

Our youngest, who recently qualified for two scholarship grants, is also applying for the Career Service Professional Exam. It’s put on hold because of the current pandemic. His credentials will form a big part as soon as he finishes college and applies for a job.

Their passing and being excellent in all examinations are gateways to their future.  The promise of getting a stable job awaits them, all because of the guidance of the Almighty and, of course, with the big help of Kumon learnings.

Supporting my children’s Kumon study

As parents, our primary role is to give the best to our children, especially in their studies. To sustain their Kumon journey, we make sure to bring them to the Kumon Center and fetch them once finished.  We also make sure that the modules are done on time.

We believe that a child must learn in his own pacing. We do not use force when it comes to their studies as we respect each learning curve. No matter the time they take to finish, we encourage our kids to never give up and always promote time management.

During low moments, we assure them of our love and support in everything they do.  We just let them do what they want to finish, and we always remind them to take their time but follow the allowable time frame of Kumon to not start from the beginning.  We also sought the assistance of Kumon instructors to encourage them to finish the course, and it all ended up successfully. Our three children are Kumon Math and Reading completers.

As the saying goes, “Patience is a virtue.” All parents must have enough patience to bear all the challenges they may encounter in the Kumon journeys of their children.

We should never compare our children with other children’s progress. We should allow each child to progress, learn and excel at their own pace.  There are slow learners, and there are fast learners. Don’t compare your child’s achievements to others because they might end up quitting as comparing promotes low self-esteem. We should always consider that the child must enjoy learning.

Do not force them to be like the others, as time does not matter. Whether your child finishes first or last, what matters is your child finished the course.

As parents, we know that Math and English are subjects most students have difficulties with. I am sure that my kids learned a lot from their respective schools, but with the help of Kumon, I know that they enjoyed the journey more.  

Kumon Parents Roman and Lucia Infante
Parents of Kumon Math and Reading Completers Francheska, Fatima, and Philippe
San Agustin (City of San Fernando) Center


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