A Decade of Learning

By Mrs. Tintin Tapang, Mother of Mico, Mau, Mikee and Mika of Kumon Angeles City Center

I enrolled my children in Kumon a decade ago in order to test the waters on methods that can further enhance their knowledge. After learning of the Math and Reading Program that Kumon offered, I was intrigued, and I enrolled my sons to see how effective the program was. I was very well aware of the conditions of the program and what it offered — it was not a short-term solution nor a quick activity. But I invested in it, believing that it would be worth it for them in the future.

I enrolled my children for the primary purpose of giving them the potential to be good in the subjects offered by Kumon. I remained confident that their training here would enhance their skills in school.


Indeed, Kumon paved the way for my children to excel academically in the fields offered. My children were advanced by a year or two than their peers. Their math skills, developed in Kumon, helped them easily grasp the lessons taught in school.

When the time came that the school was selecting students to take part in competitions, my children were chosen. I am well aware that Kumon has contributed to enhancing their skills. This applies not only in Math. The Reading Program has also helped my other son hone his analytical skills in reading and speaking in English, as well as trying out new languages. Kumon gave my children the opportunity to shine better, and it did not fail in making my children uniquely skilled in these subjects.

As a parent of Kumon students, there were different challenges faced. When my children started, they were very diligent and tried to finish every worksheet. As the topics were easy, I was able to guide them on what they were doing. However, as time progressed, their worksheets began getting more difficult, and the motivation to do them regularly faded. I had to continue encouraging them; but as the topics were progressing, I was no longer able to help them.

I had to put trust in the Center that they will help them with the topics that I can no longer teach. I also had to believe in my children that they will continue their journey, no matter how rough it can get. There was even a time when they were on the brink of giving up. Teacher Maribel Beltran and I had agreed upon letting them rest but not stop, as they were already close to finishing it. These challenges were tough, but I was somehow able to overcome these with my children and with the help of the Center.



I cannot imagine our lives, especially my children’s, if we were never introduced to Kumon. My children would most probably be struggling in their school subjects without the training and development in Kumon. It has changed our lives, and I’ve seen greater potential in my children because of it.

Currently, that potential is being put to the test. Two of my children are studying in Sydney, Australia. My eldest is currently at the Western Sydney University, and the one after him is at the University of Sydney.

What is interesting to point out is the help Kumon gave to my eldest during his first few months in Australia. He was given the opportunity to have his first job there as a Kumon assistant in Sydney! It goes to show how Kumon has been a great investment even outside of the academics of my children.

The other two younger siblings are still under the care of Teacher Maribel.

To all Kumon parents, I hope you will never quit. It may seem like a tough undertaking, but giving up is not the way. I am very well aware of what Kumon has to offer, and I am confident enough to say that all the years of persevering has brought my children further, and this will happen to your children, too! Show your children how much they’ve achieved to inspire them to go on!

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  1. diana

    April 24, 2019

    at what age ur children started kumon?

    • Kumon Philippines

      April 24, 2019

      Hi Ms. Diana,

      Children of all ages can enroll in Kumon. Students have to take a Diagnostic Test before enrolling to assess their ability and readiness for the program.

      You can call the Center nearest you for their schedule for the Parent Orientation and Diagnostic Test.

      Thank you!

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