A first-time parent’s Kumon journey

As first-time parents, we did not know how to help our son progress his basic education. This was aggravated by the pandemic. Although he knows the basic shapes, colors, names of objects, and the alphabet, we were not sure what to do next. Fortunately, we were able to enroll Ely in Kumon. From then on, we have seen a tremendous improvement in Ely’s disposition and behavior.

Kumon helps Ely build his vocabulary by teaching him a word first, then using that word in a phrase or a sentence. He also adopted the “I say, You say” practice, which helps him memorize. We observed that Ely is excited with this activity, especially in coloring pictures. Ely also enjoys the tracing activity, where he learned how to hold a pencil. Now, he already knows the alphabet, how to write and pronounce it. We are very proud that he has learned how to write his own name.

We do not regret enrolling Ely in Kumon last June 23, 2021, as this has not only helped us as parents, but it helped Ely gain confidence in himself. Kumon allowed Ely to learn mastery of his subjects through guided repetition and has learned so much since then. We understand that Ely still has much to learn. Nevertheless, we are proud of what he has achieved despite the learning constraints posed by the pandemic.

Our family time and bonding now consist of answering his daily worksheets, and as his parents, we make sure that we are by his side during his online class to guide him if necessary. We appreciate how Kumon informed Ely on what online classes were and how to cope with these.

As a result, Ely was able to adjust accordingly and became comfortable with the system. Ely has learned how to interact with his teachers and classmates, and there are times he volunteers for recitations. It brings us so much joy to see how happy Ely is with Kumon and how much he is learning. We consider Ely’s enrollment in Kumon as a worthwhile investment for his future. Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank teacher Cathy, Teacher Kat, and especially Teacher Nikka for her patience and kindness in teaching Ely.

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