A Fun Ride: My Journey as a Kumon Parent in the Philippines

My Kumon parent journey started when my eldest child was in grade 2. I enrolled her in both the Math and Reading Programs. I saw how she developed her love for reading and explored different genres of reading materials. Not long enough, I no longer had problems monitoring her school activities because Kumon taught her how to work independently and meet deadlines. She was trained early by Kumon to finish her worksheets at an allotted time in her assigned study area.

Soon enough, I gave birth to my second child and passed on to him the Kumon journey. He entered preparatory at the age of 3 and was accelerated to grade 1 at the age of 5. By then, he mastered the multiplication table (more than I do). It was fun bonding when we’d buy since I’d ask him to multiply the items for me and add or subtract the amount. I didn’t have to use my phone’s calculator because he can do mental calculations.

In their early years with Kumon, some would say their daily worksheets are like punishments, especially since it is done the whole year round—no holidays and summer vacation. But as a parent, I know that the discipline instilled by Kumon is teaching my kids to value true hard work, persistence, and being helpful.

My son loves volunteering to teach his classmates their Math lessons in his elementary days. I would pick him up from school feeling so proud upon hearing his stories that he stayed behind to teach the “tricks” in solving Math problems. My son had a very serious health problem early this year. His kidneys shut down, and he underwent hemodialysis for two sessions. However, being the jolly and fighter he is, he would still remind me during his confinement about finishing his Kumon worksheets because he doesn’t want them to pile up when he gets better.

Soon enough, he bounced back and even got his 4th gold merit during the recuperation period. He prays that he may be a great engineer like his dad one day, while my firstborn also aspires to be a doctor someday. With the help of Kumon, I know that my kids will have the advantage in life and will be good and disciplined leaders of their generation someday. So, thanks, Kumon, for this fun ride with you.

Shella Telan
Mother of Kumon student Gabriel Telan
Balanga Learning Center

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