A parent’s guide to a successful online class in Kumon

Almost every remote and online activity — be it shopping or learning— is here to stay post-pandemic. And while we are well into the adjustment process, we have to start equipping ourselves with the right habits. We have to explore techniques to reap the benefits of digital advancements fully.  

Even when it comes to your child’s current Kumon study, you should gear up for online sessions to help your child have the best learning experience. Your preparations today can go a long way and even bring him/her a step closer to his academic goals and dreams in life. 

To help you prepare for a successful online class in Kumon, here are five easy tips that you can follow. 

Set the dates.

Kumon Instructors share the Center’s schedules with parents—from homework exchange to schedules of remote instruction sessions (a 30-45-minute remote session where kids will join an online class with an Instructor). 

This is the perfect opportunity to pick out the time and day most compatible with you and your child’s schedule. Once this is set, plot it in your calendar so you can always make the necessary preparations without rushing. You can also maximize your phone or laptop’s calendar by enabling a notification setting that will remind you if your child’s class is coming up.  

Set a dedicated study corner

Having a dedicated study area with a peaceful environment sets the right mood and enhances student’s focus on their studies. 

Dedicate a space in your house for your child’s online class. Preferably, the area should be well lit, have a good internet connection, and isn’t frequented by other people at home. Here, he/she should not have easy access to toys or other things not related to learning. 

Prepare gadgets and video conferencing apps. 

Before the class, check if the learning gadgets are all set. Mentally ask yourself, “Is the laptop or cellphone fully or aptly charged?” “Are the speakers and microphone working? “What video conferencing platform are we going to use?” “Are the log-in details working and ready for use?” 

If the answers to these questions are yes, you’re all set!  

Motivate your kids.

As with everything, a successful online class doesn’t happen overnight. The preparations for it start days before. 

It’ll be helpful if your child has the right mindset. Share with him/her what he/she will be doing in Kumon and how it will help him/her today and in the future. 

To ensure a productive online class, motivate him/her to study his/her daily Kumon homework before the session. It’s important that he/she doesn’t skip any assigned homework as each small-step worksheet is carefully laid out to prepare and help students easily understand the next topic. Before the class, give him/her a huge smile and quick kiss for a burst of love and motivation. 

Have open communication with the teachers

Virtual classes give you an advantage. It allows you to easily keep track of your child’s progress by openly communicating with the teacher.  

Attend virtual parent meetings to know about important developments in the Center, especially about homework exchange or virtual awarding ceremonies. If your Kumon Center has a group chat for parents, keep posted, too, to be updated. 

Every after online classes, your child’s teacher will also share feedback about your child’s current performance. Feel free to ask how you can work together to help your child with his/her Kumon journey. 

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