A Priority for the Family

The Suarez family discovered Kumon through a family friend. When they heard about the program, they immediately grabbed the opportunity to join, particularly the Free Trial Campaign.

Armed with a bagful of Kumon worksheets, pencils and excitement, Errol – who has always been the ideal unico hijo of Mr. Jovet and Mrs. Elizabeth Suarez – eventually enrolled in the Kumon Math Program after the Free Trial Campaign ended. “I never knew about Kumon, but once I was inside, I got excited,” Errol shared. Despite his young age, Errol believed that he was in for more Kumon treats – and benefits. “I enrolled in Kumon to improve and enhance my skills in Math.,” he said.


All grown up: Errol John Suarez of Legazpi City Center 

Kumon became more than a supplementary program – it became a priority for the family. “We worked together as a team. Even Saturdays and Sundays are Kumon Days,” – Mr. Jovet Suarez

Prior to Errol’s enrollment, he was already a disciplined self-learner who perseveres and does his homework on time. But much to the family’s astonishment, the Kumon Math Program nurtured Errol’s innate love and skill for numbers, something they are immensely grateful for.

What made Errol’s Kumon journey delightful and interesting was his enormous affection for math, and yes, he had his sights set on completion. But to complete the Kumon Math Program at such a young age was but a towering feat. “The challenges started when Errol was published in Kumon’s Aspire Magazine saying that someday he wants to be featured as the youngest Math Completer,” Mr. Suarez recalled.

Dedicated father as he is, Mr. Suarez doubly exerted his commitment. From then on, Kumon became more than a supplementary program – it became a priority for the family. “We worked together as a team. Even Saturdays and Sundays are Kumon Days,” he said. He made sure that Errol was not alone in his Kumon journey; he even gave up tennis on weekends and took a 10-day leave of absence from work to accompany Errol in the Center. On Errol’s part, he stopped playing Gameboy and lessened his time watching television. “One always has to sacrifice a little,” Errol admitted. The family made sure that the Kumon time was strictly implemented at home.

Yes, he still loves watching TV and playing Gameboy and PSP, if his dad permits. But as he finished his Kumon journey, Errol realized that he could do more out of his play time and became more conscious on when to switch off the television – even if it airs his favorite cartoon show – and concentrate on his school books. “Even during the Free Trial Campaign, I was amazed on how he developed his study habits. He was very focused. And after six months, he hit the Gold Advanced Student Honor Roll (studying advanced materials 3 years beyond his current school grade level)” Mr. Suarez said.

What Errol dreams of is becoming an engineer someday, building a tower for his parents, and buying his mom diamonds!

“Enrolling in the Kumon Program is something my parents did for me. I’m also grateful for my grandparents who supported me. So once I am successful, I want to do something for them.”

At his age, Errol knows that his achievement does not end from mere recognition. He knows that his entails greater responsibility. He wishes to be an inspiration to his fellow Kumon students, especially those who want to quit. Quoting Mr. Toru Kumon’s famous words, “Give it a try. You will never know unless you give it a try,” Errol advised.

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  1. Lourdes baldo

    October 27, 2017

    Do you still have a free trial?

    • The Free Trial Campaign ended in September. Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updates on upcoming promos and events. Thank you.

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