A Romantic Race

I can’t believe it actually happened!
I’m already starting to cry.
The feelings of joy, as we bike together tonight.
My heart couldn’t stop racing, not because I’m tired of biking,
But because of this unnatural feeling I couldn’t describe.

I could not believe my eyes as we strolled down by the park.
We passed the old bridge, as it symbolizes our love ties that will never part.
The wind was getting chilly but we continued riding our bikes.
We didn’t feel any cold, because our love was warm, We believed that this could break ice.

We held our hands together as we ride our bikes.
We didn’t feel any imbalance, because we met at the right time.
The oil lamps in the park were almost out of gas,
But we didn’t care at all, because the moon was getting brighter.
Meaning, our love will last.

I’ll call this night a romantic race, for it was just you and me biking with grace.
As we stopped by the fountain and looked on the water,
Our cheeks reflected and it was full of color.

You then gave me a bell,
And you told me to hang it on my bike.
It will serve as a remembrance, for this very romantic night.
I immediately turned around and hung it on my bike.

When I was about to say “thank you,”
And thinking of hugging you tight,
You were suddenly gone,
And I was left alone in the darkest night.
The moon stopped getting brighter,

And our love never lasted.
I couldn’t break the wind’s chilly ice,
As it was getting thicker like frozen glass.

I was about to call your name when suddenly,
The park’s oil lamps were running out of gas.
And maybe that was the reason you left me, Because you didn’t have enough fuel to save our love’s struggle in the past.

I then hurried to get on my bike and ride for a hundred miles,
When I fi nally passed the old bridge and looked back to see the park.
It then came to my mind that the know in our love ties –
Were already torn and they fell apart.

When I made it back to the crowd, in the busy streets of Japan,
My bike was about to cross the street, when a boy suddenly ran.
My heart was racing as and I almost crash!
Luckily, I remembered the bell you gave me before our love shattered.

I felt great relief when my life was saved from the crash.
As soon as I continued my journey, I kept remembering our past.
I almost started to cry when suddenly,
The bell you gave me rang, and I couldn’t tell why.
All of a sudden,
The world stopped and I gently opened my eyes.
I remembered my alarm clock that sounded like a bell saying,
“It’s time!”

Eucel Delce Baltar | 16 years old
Ozamiz Center

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