A Worthwhile Experience

Based on my experience, my son, Chris Matheus Acorin Lim, has benefitted a lot from studying in Kumon. I enrolled him last March 2020, and he was two years old when he did the assessment. At that time, he could point out and determine pictures, shapes, colors, and all the letters in the alphabet already.

At present, Theus can match every familiar word with the correct corresponding picture. This helps him develop his reading comprehension. He is also learning the sound of every letter, which develops his reading skill. What’s good with Kumon worksheets is that these test my son’s current understanding of his level. By doing the Kumon worksheets regularly, my son learns how to write each and every letter correctly, develops the ability to learn in his own capacity, step by step, and builds a sense of responsibility and study habits.

Doing Kumon with a toddler that is going through “terrible twos” is not a joke. Tears, tantrums, and sufferings are just totally normal. But it is worthwhile. At the age of 33 months and after 7 months with Kumon, my son can now read some words on his own. He is becoming a bookworm and enjoys reading books with me at any time of the day, which has made our mom-son relationship stronger. As a parent, the time, effort, and sacrifices are all worth and paying off.

Mrs. Caren Acorin Lim, mother of Theus Lim
Guiwan (Zamboanga City) Center

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