An Xtra-ordinary Girl

At a young age, a little girl’s potential was already noticed by both her parents and her pediatrician. This must be why Katrina Cassandra, fondly called as Kat-kat, asked her parents to let her go to school as early as the age of three. For Mr. Derrick and Mrs. Amee Gonzaga, enrolling their daughter in Kumon was an answer to this desire as they wanted to give her quality education.

Currently the country’s youngest Math and Reading Program Completer, Kat-kat has gained not only self-learning ability and valuable knowledge from Math and Reading, but also admirable traits like taking on the responsibility to complete all the homework given to her, having the confidence to tackle challenges and share ideas, and becoming more interested in various topics she comes across.

Indeed, the skills and traits that Kat-kat has developed in Kumon helped her reach her dream of becoming a Kumon Completer. Surely, such skills are helping her attain more achievements in school and become one step closer to her dream career as an architect and equestrian.

Young Beginnings

Kat-kat’s first few weeks in Kumon were great. She was so excited to answer her first worksheets. Eventually, she experienced difficulty in the higher levels such as Level O (Differential Calculus, Indefinite and Definite Integrals) in Math and Level L (Elements of Figurative Language, Interpretation, Critical Writing) in Reading. But she was able to stride through these levels with the help of her parents. “My Dad and my Mom always say that it is okay if it’s difficult because I still need to discover the topics and I will understand them soon if I just focus and try.” This held true for Kat-kat as the worksheets became easy once she started focusing and trying.

As parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzaga’s active involvement and guidance in Kat-kat’s Kumon study are simple yet effective ways of supporting her endeavor to excel academically. “When she completes difficult worksheets, we commend her for every effort she has put in and reward her for a job well done. We also encourage her by giving the example of Rocky Macumbal’s achievement. We tell her that if he can do it, then she can do it too if she puts her heart to it.”

Young Developments

Indeed, Kumon has paved the way for Kat-kat to enjoy and learn eagerly in school. Mr. and Mrs. Gonzaga have noticed how Kat-kat has developed discipline, independence, perseverance, and patience and how she applies this in her daily life.

“She does things on her own. When she comes home from school, she’s the one who tells us that she will sit down and do her homework. She reminds us also of certain requirements she needs in school. We don’t need to remind her anymore since she knows what she needs to do. Also, we rarely assist her since she has developed self-learning, even in subjects like Filipino and Science.”

Kat-kat acknowledges this as she exclaims how school has become easier because of the things she has learned in Kumon. “I know I’m doing well in school because of Kumon.”

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzaga are beyond thankful to Kumon for being a vital part of Kat-kat’s formative years and progress.

“Through Kumon, she has developed the basic and needed abilities and traits that will help her do better in school. Everything she has learned in Kumon will be her armor to face the challenges of tomorrow.”

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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    July 7, 2019

    Congratulations to Katrina, her patents and to Kumon Philippines!

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