Between Extra-Curricular and Kumon

It has only been a few months since the school year started but you have already noticed your child feeling tired and weary. Aside from schoolwork and household chores, he also has to think about his other academic responsibilities, extra-curricular activities, and Kumon. He then starts to complain about his tight schedule and begins to ask you why he has to attend Kumon.

The best way to make him understand Kumon’s role in his life is to show him how it helps him excel not only in school but also in other activities. Read on to know more about the four principles of the Kumon Method that can be readily applied to dance, arts, sports, and other extra-curricular activities.

1. Repetition

When your child wants to perfect a dance routine, he has to practice the steps over and over again to get it all just right. In Kumon, your child does the same thing by constantly answering the same problems or studying the same topic until he fully understands it. This allows your child to tackle more challenging topics with ease since he has already mastered the basics needed. In both cases, practice leads to mastery which eventually leads your child to reach his goal.


2. Daily Study

To be able to paint the best picture possible, your child needs to practice his strokes and his combination of colors on a daily basis. To deepen his reading comprehension ability, your child needs to read more compositions and books every day. Studying constantly and consistently on a daily basis allows your child to further hone the skills needed and to improve on weak points. It also leads him to develop a good work ethic – he knows when he needs to study and when he can rest.


3. Self-learning

Mastering the different strokes in swimming or the different passes and shots in basketball requires your child to learn these things – to actually try and experience them. The same goes for understanding a math topic or a written passage in Kumon. The worksheets are designed for your child to learn on his own; specifically, topics are introduced in small steps and the presence of examples. It is often said that your child learning a skill on his own leads him to better solve a problem or correct a mistake since he can better remember and trace back his steps.


4. Individualized

When your child decides to try a new activity or to learn something new, he would most probably choose the programs that suit his needs. He would go for the dance, art or sports programs that have one-on-one teaching style with constant progress feedback. In Kumon, your child’s learning ability and pace are greatly considered. Your child progresses depending on how he absorbs and applies the knowledge he has learned. He does not need to worry about being hurried through the program since he is in charge of his learning progress.


It may take some time for your child to fully grasp and understand the need to continue despite the difficulty he is facing. Just always keep in mind that all the hard work and effort will eventually pay off. It will bring your child a step closer to his dream and will lead him to gain the Kumon Advantage.


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