Bringing Out the Best in My Child

Among the numerous benefits attained from Kumon, Mrs. Aleli Abastar finds the inculcation of independence, good time management skills, and being goal-oriented as the three most influential traits most evident in her son, Eoin Tristan Abastar.

Having enrolled in Kumon at an early age during the summer of 2012, Mrs. Aleli Abastar saw Tristan’s transformation and development as he strengthened his academic skills.

“Kumon has molded in him values and life skills that will help him face challenges in life and reach his goals,” says Mrs. Abastar.


Mrs. Abastar has witnessed how Kumon has changed Tristan’s learning attitude and character for the better. “He has become more responsible, developed good study habits, and learned to manage his time well. If it is time for Kumon and school assignments, he stops whatever he is doing, even while playing, and does his tasks until he is done. He has also developed self-confidence, discipline, patience, and perseverance. I believe that Kumon has brought out the best in him.”

In terms of school activities and extra-curricular activities, Tristan has overcome his shyness and stage fright. He actively participates in school activities and competitions. He is a consistent top student in class and a champion in the MTAP Division Level for two consecutive years as well.


Tristan agrees that Kumon has indeed made him more determined and taught him not to give up easily.

“Kumon develops my study habits and mathematical skills. It gives me more techniques on how to solve problems. School is more fun now because I am more confident, and I am able to get higher grades.”

Yes, Tristan has experienced low moments in Kumon; but Mr. and Mrs. Abastar never fail to support him. “We never get tired of reminding him to do his worksheets and constantly monitor his progress,” shares Mrs. Abastar. “We ensure that we have open communication, especially when dealing with his difficulties or problems so that we can find the best solution together. We always give him words of encouragement and advice. We always tell him that nobody is perfect, and everybody commits mistakes. What is important is that he learns from them and tries to avoid committing the same mistakes again.”

Most of all, Mr. and Mrs. Abastar always reassure Tristan of their full support and unwavering love no matter what it takes. Even though Tristan’s father, Mr. Lee Noel Abastar, works in Ireland as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), this hasn’t stopped him from being Tristan’s support system, especially in his son’s Kumon journey. Tristan always talks to his father through Skype, so it’s like his father is always there. Mr. Abastar would also remind Tristan to do his homework and encourage him during trying times.


Now what advice can Mrs. Abastar give to fellow parents on how they can continue to support their children in Kumon?

“As parents, we always want the best for our children. Our full support and active involvement is very important in their Kumon journey. We must supervise and motivate them to do their daily tasks. We must also encourage and inspire them by praising them or providing incentives not just for their achievements but also for their improvements and effort. By supporting them, we can help them grow and bring out the best in them to become a better person.”

*As of press time, Tristan is a Math Program Completer.


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