Words from a Kumon Completer

By Kumon Completer Isaiah Mari Codilla of Mabini (Tagum) Center You as a Kumon student may say, “Why Kumon?” “Why finish it?” “What’s the point?” “It’s too tiring.” As a Kumon Completer, I can say it is perfectly okay to think about those things. I have been there and you are not alone. When I was at that point in my Kumon journey,

Foundation for a Brighter Tomorrow

Robert Bryan Yee did not have any plans to enroll in Kumon. His mother just told him to try the program at a nearby Kumon Center. What made him excited was when he found out about the topics per level and the level of difficulty for each. This was because he loves to take on challenges, especially mental ones. From there, Bryan realized

Falling in Love with Math and Learning

From having poor math grades in elementary, becoming a consistent high school honor student of Paco Catholic School, graduating Magna Cum Laude in college, passing the Electrical Engineering Board Exam in September 2014 with her rating just shy of 0.75% from the 10th topnotcher, and now an Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) scholar at the University of the Philippines – Diliman,

(Self)-managing Kumon Time

Nowadays, youngsters are always on the go – joining as many clubs as your time can handle; learning various sports as much as your stamina could take, and achieving as much recognition as you could on your list! It is as if juggling a hundred plates is easier than juggling time for your study, guitar lessons, basketball clinic, and also Kumon! You might

Balancing School and Extra-Curricular Activities

When one takes a peek at a student’s schedule, school and school-related events take up most of a student’s time. Your time is allotted for different activities: going to school, doing homework, completing group projects, and attending field trips. But these are not the only activities that keep you busy. In fact, extra-curricular activities like sports, dance classes, educational trips, national and international

Why Daily Study Habit is Important

ACTUAL: The clock reads 9:00 p.m., and you still have a 10-page book report to submit the next day. FACT: The deadline was given two weeks ago. ACTUAL:  Three times this week, you are always running late for your 10:30 a.m. class FACT: You slept late because you needed to accomplish your presentation that was assigned a month ago. These are just two

Ready, Set, Goal!

New year. New beginnings. At the start of every year, we start to come up with a list of things we would want to achieve. Be it in academics, in sports, or in our everyday routine, there are things that must be done and goals that must be reached. But some, if not most of the time, these goals are just left as