The Boastful President and the Good Bottle Flipper

One day the President of the bottle flippers said, “I have a contest!”
“What contest?” Asked the people.
“A contest of defeating me in a bottle flip,” said the President.
“I will challenge you, President,” said the boy.
“This could be easy,” said the President.
“I will defeat you in the bottle flip hall of fame!” said the boy.

The competition was about to begin.

The President started flipping the bottle. “Wait, don’t start yet because it’s only when I whistle that you start,” said the referee. “Ok,” muttered the President and the boy.

The referee blew the whistle. “The first one who reaches fifty points wins!” And they began the competition. The boy scored 49 points and the President scored 49 points too. Who will win, the President? Or the boy?

When it was the boy’s turn to flip, the President kicked the boy, and the referee saw the boy flipped the bottle. The referee announced the winner, which was the boy. The President became mad. He kicked the table and broke his leg. The boy said, “I am proud of myself because I defeated the President.” The boy got the trophy and he became the hall of fame bottle flipper.

Jared Xavier Corporal, San Miguel (Iriga) Center

Jared Xavier loves to play basketball and create stories.

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