The Kumon Math Advantage

To develop strong calculation skills in order to enable children to self-study high school mathematics with ease.

This was the goal that Toru Kumon, the Kumon Method founder, made when he started to develop the Kumon Math worksheets for his son, Takeshi. He discovered that Takeshi’s school workbooks contained a wide range of topics with some of them not necessarily addressing the need to develop calculation skills. This is why the Kumon Math worksheets do not contain all the math topics that your child is studying in school. Unlike the school curriculum which encompasses a number of topics, only those topics that are essential to achieve the goal of the method  have been included in the Kumon Math Program. […]

What You Get From Math

From then until now, it is still a fact that a lot of people often say that being good at math equates to a lot of opportunities. You can still vividly remember all the achievements of your classmates who were considered math wizards. Even your parents were pushing for you to be just as good as them. You may not have understood what

What is Kumon?

In 1954, Toru Kumon, a father and a high school mathematics teacher decided to create learning materials that would help his son, Takeshi, develop strong calculation skills to enable him to study mathematics with ease. From there, his son started to excel in school and was able to solve problems in differential and integral calculus by the sixth grade. Toru Kumon then believed that what was possible for one child could also be possible for more, if not all, children. Thus, he set out to offer the same learning materials  to as many children as possible. This was the start of the Kumon Method.


Every Child Can Become Excellent

What do you want to be when you grow up? As a child, you must have been asked this question several times. And your answer to this question surely changed as you grew up. But, one thing is certain — you have always wanted to be the best; to be excellent. It is said and believed that excellent students are born with extraordinary

The Kumon Math Program and Beyond

If you ask any person what subject he finds most difficult in school, math would be the famous answer. Now if you go on to ask what topic in math he finds most challenging, advanced math topics like calculus, geometry, and trigonometry would get the most votes. Yes, high-level math is a proclaimed weakness and difficulty of a number of students then and

Kumon Helps You in School 

With the start of the new school year, your child is probably balking under the bulk of schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and of course…Kumon. You can’t help but think, “I need to let go of something to help my child cope! And more often than not, Kumon might be on top of your list. After all, the school will already develop your child’s skills;

Stay Beyond Summer

As the summer months come to an end, you may already be thinking of letting your child quit Kumon for the time being. Since he’ll be busy with academic requirements and other extra-curricular responsibilities, you would want to help lighten his already heavy load. You’re already going through his schedule and checking which activities can be let go as of now. And Kumon

School + Kumon = Success

There are some things in life that always go together: puto and dinuguan, flowers and chocolates, paper and pen, Christmas and New Year, school and Kumon…school and Kumon?! You read it right! School + Kumon = Success. Designed to be an after-school, supplementary learning program, Kumon’s aim is to allow children to study high school and college-level materials with ease. Through daily Kumon

More Than Just a Summer Activity

More often than not, parents view Kumon as a mere summer program—something to keep their children occupied while school is out. Although Kumon is a good way to make a child’s summer productive, Kumon is definitely more than just a summer activity; it is not done in a short period of time, or in this case, two months.  For a child to reap

Kumon as a Continuous Process

Summer months are the busiest months for academic and extra-curricular learning centers. This is the time when parents decide to enroll their children in various programs for the mind (art classes, academic programs) and body (dance classes, sports clinics). Kumon Centers are no different. You decide that this is the best time to help your children catch up on topics they find difficult