Better than Average

Kumon has taught me that success really takes time and effort. If I really want to achieve something, I have to exert effort constantly until I reach it. Success doesn’t come overnight, but it will come at the right time, with patience and determination. Ysabelle Pangilinan identifies herself as an average student – neither the most intelligent person in class, nor the achiever.

Why Having the Right Attitude Matters

“Every time I create a reason to quit, I also find a reason wanting to come back” This is how Leo Dones, a licensed Engineer, described his Kumon experience while trying to recall his Kumon journey way back in 2010. He was in third-year high school when his mom enrolled him in the program after knowing about the Free Trial campaign. Eight years

A Unique Learning Approach

As much as a child’s learning ability is different from other children’s, the Kumon Program is also different from other programs. Kumon has been around for more than 50 years, originating from Japan and borne out of a father’s love for his son. So what else sets Kumon apart from other learning programs? Kumon goes far beyond tutoring. Kumon is a structured, proven