Confident at the Top

When the worksheets became harder and the standard completion time became longer, Marianne Elise Gonzales still pushed herself to continue with the Kumon Program. Despite the need to balance school work, competitions, and Kumon, Elise did not give up. Her drive to excel inspired her parents, Atty. Chad and Mrs. Len Gonzales, to support her in her desire to complete the Math Program.


According to her parents, Elise has always recognized the fact that Kumon has enabled her to shine in school. In fact, whenever they would ask her if she still wanted to continue with the program given her very tight schedule, she would always tell them that she cannot quit Kumon precisely because it is the reason why she is proficient in Math which enables her to compete in Math contests.


Elise would regularly compete at the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP), the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), and other contests. This means that she undergoes additional training while attending Kumon and school. She has to juggle all these activities. During hard times like these, her parents would always try their best to be by her side, to guide and support her activities. “We also let her decide on the competitions she wants to join, and on giving up activities which we feel are taking too much of her time. We think that by doing this, she is more motivated and feels less pressured to do an activity because she would have picked it herself.”


Beyond the academic achievement, Kumon has helped Elise gain self-confidence, discipline, and patience. Her parents often see her sit down for hours answering the higher-level worksheets as she tries to figure out the solution—not all kids her age would have the patience to do this.

“Through the years with Kumon, she has slowly cultivated that discipline within her. It was not instantaneous but a work in progress. Now that her two siblings are also in the Kumon Program, they are likewise building the same discipline they saw in Elise through the years because they look up to her.”

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales’ advice for Kumon parents is to constantly empower, equip, and encourage their child during his entire Kumon journey. Parents play a very crucial role and the child needs all the support he can get for him to progress. “We have to recognize the fact that the Kumon journey is not a bed of roses. In fact, the fruits of labor are often realized only after finishing a series of worksheets. The worksheet levels get more difficult each time the child progresses. Our guidance, support, and encouragement make a whole world of difference in making their Kumon journey memorable, enjoyable, and fulfilling.”

Elise used to be shy and quiet. But now, she is confident and outspoken. Her parents have seen a significant change in their daughter’s academic performance as well as in her personality.

A voracious reader, math champion, and big sister to two siblings who are also studying Kumon, Elise is now a proud Math Program Completer.


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