Determined to Persevere!

I was only two years old when I first started my Kumon journey, and being very young, I didn’t know what to expect. Nevertheless, I was excited then. I have a photo of myself during my first day in Kumon, and it shows a happy toddler grinning from ear to ear, with a Kumon bag slung over her shoulders.

Fast forward to a few years later, I started feeling lazy in doing the worksheets especially when I find them difficult. As I moved to the higher levels like Level G (Positive and Negative Numbers), everything became more complex and dreadful. Even my worksheets in the Reading Program became difficult to do. I would find excuses like “It’s so hard!” or “I’m so tired!” when I go the Center. I also started to become envious of my other classmates who would play after school while I do my worksheets. It was not a good feeling. But the worst feeling of all is catching up with my piled up worksheets.

There were times when I wanted to quit because of Kumon being tiresome. However, I immediately erased those thoughts because my parents also didn’t want me to quit. I would take a certain level slowly, but not to the point of quitting it. Aside from this, I was doing very well in school through the help of Kumon. The evidence lies in my report cards, my awards, and achievements which has also motivated me to go on with the Kumon Program.

I did not allow my laziness to get in the way which is why I became a Reading Completer at the age of ten. I may not be motivated always, but Kumon instilled discipline which made me excel both in and out of my school – I have been a consistent Directress Lister since second grade, received a Distinction in English award (Award in Verbal Linguistic Intelligence and Literary Award), and I am one of the top students in my batch. I was also active in class as a class o fficer and I am running to be a part of our school council.

In fourth grade, I was chosen to be part of our school’s Science Enrichment Training. Since then, I have been competing in Luzon-wide MATH Sci-A-Ka (Mathematics, Science, at Kapaligiran) contests. I became the champion in the Take Home Workshop in MATH Sci-A-Ka during the National Science Club Month. I also consistently grab gold medals in gymnastics competitions and even ranked 4th overall in an invitational ISM goodwill Meet in 2018, held in the International School of Manila. In May 2019, I was one of the artist finalists of Metro Magazine Art Contest, where my painting as well as my writing, was featured in an exhibit at the Grand Atrium Eastwood Mall.

To sum everything up, the discipline, perseverance, and patience taught to me by Kumon has tremendously helped me reach my academic and non-academic achievements throughout the years.

Bianca Aurora Lim | 12 years old
White Plains (Katipunan) Center

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