Develop the Love for Reading: In and Beyond the Four Walls

Reading is an activity that everyone does on a daily basis. Almost every move involves the need to read a sign or a set of instructions. Reading for pleasure and for the love of it is an activity that only a number of people, especially students, find enjoyable. With technology’s increasing influence in present times, gadgets and the World Wide Web consume the time and attention of children. All other activities seem boring and uninteresting compared to the speed and thrill of online games and social media.

As parents, how can you develop your child’s love for reading? What activities can you do at home or within the community that can promote and foster the love for reading?

Here are four simple activities that you can try:

Take a field trip

One way to make reading fun and exciting is to experience what it feels like to be inside a place filled with books. Your family can visit your local library, a university library, or a bookstore. You don’t necessarily have to buy or borrow a book – though that would be great! You just have to make your child accustomed to being surrounded by books of all kinds and to the countless possibilities (and adventures) he can discover within a few pages. Usually, your initial visit to any of the mentioned places becomes the first of many.

Join and socialize

Being part of a dynamic group that shares a love for reading is another good way to make your child appreciate it. You and your child can join book clubs/reading groups, or you can attend seminars or book signings. Hearing an author talk about his book or other people discussing the intricacies of a book can greatly influence your child’s view of reading. He will not only appreciate the value of a book; but he would also be inspired to read a book, attend another session, and share his views.

Organize events

Reading and learning with a group is a good way to introduce and promote the love for reading, especially for children. You can set-up events like a Read-a-Thon that your child and his friends can be part of. You can invite them to read their favorite books, or even challenge them to read a difficult book. Combining learning with fun makes it easier for them to say yes to the idea and eventually treat the event as a custom they would long to experience. You can also have storytelling time and let someone or even yourself, act and tell a story from a book that your child finds interesting.

Share and read

Setting and being a good example to your child is one of the best steps to take when you want him to embrace the act of reading. You and your child can agree to read and discuss book together. You can set aside a certain time to discuss what you learned from it and what you experienced from reading it. You can even share other books or reading activities that you had within the week. Knowing that he shares something in common with you makes it faster for him to adapt and love reading.

It is often said that a love for reading can take one person to places. Indeed, it can – be it literally or figuratively – especially if you decide to try one of the activities mentioned. Just keep in mind that what is important is to make your child feel that reading is not a burden and that it is something fun – something that the both of you can bond over, share, and remember.

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