Fostering Discipline and Perseverance – The Kumon Way

It was pure interest and a curious mind that stirred the eagerness of three-year-old James Ronald Ferrer to attend regular school like the other kids. He had the tendency to ask questions about what school was like to his mom, thus pushing Mr. Ronaldo and Mrs. Teresa Ferrer to enroll James in the Kumon Program to entertain his curiosity towards learning.

His Kumon Instructor even identified James as the type of student who would punctually come to the Center just to finish his worksheets, even after a long day of exams in school. Since then, he continues to express signs of determination and motivation to stay in the program until completion.

Character Development

Mr. and Mrs. Ferrer saw many positive changes in James’ habits and character. They found the Kumon Method as a good foundation in building a disciplined way of learning, as it made a great impact on his time management skills.

“He knows when to do his homework even when there is no school. He is independent and responsible enough, which is why he still has time to play and enjoy with his friends.”

They also noticed James developed self-confidence, especially in socializing with others. In fact, he makes time for his extra-curricular activities where he can meet new friends and be in different schools and places.

Academic Excellence

Besides being more disciplined, focused, and organized, James developed his own techniques to learn faster through his inquisitiveness. This ability to learn and understand has led him to his consistent participation in international competitions such as the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS), International Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS), Australian Math Competitions (AMC), Math Trainers Guild (MTG), Association of Math and Science League International (AMSLI), and Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO).

“Since I am an advanced student in the Kumon Math Program, my classmates noticed my skills, and they would often ask me to help them understand our lessons in school.”

Preparation for the Future

When he was young, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrer still assisted and checked James’ worksheets. They would even sit with him and do the worksheets together since he liked being challenged. As he advanced to the higher levels, they tried to motivate him by promising rewards such as taking him to GameZoo and Toy Kingdom during the weekend. But as James got older, they slowly removed these kinds of rewards so he can see the results of his own actions and take responsibility for it.

“We also give him the privilege to prove himself. James is now independent enough to do his projects, and we know that this skill will help him as he enters high school and college, and as he pursues his dream of becoming a pilot.”

What advice can Mr. and Mrs. Ferrer share to their fellow Kumon parents?

DO NOT QUIT, DO NOT GIVE UP. Just continue what you have started. As parents and decision-makers, we should always motivate, equip, empower, and encourage our children, especially when facing difficulties in their Kumon study. As the Bible says in Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good. For at the proper time, we will reap harvest if we do not give up.”

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