From Summer to Beyond

In the summer of 2011, Mr. Karl and Mrs. Celeste Noblefranca explored summer activities for their children, Andre, Zach, and Sophia. They initially opted for dance and musical instrument classes, but these were too expensive considering that all three children were a package deal – everyone had to be enrolled in the same class.

Enrolling in Kumon became a welcome alternative when they weighed the benefits their children could get from the program, specifically, academic enrichment.

At the time, they thought of enrolling the children only for the summer. However, in just a few months, they saw how their children improved their Math skills. This made them decide to continue with the program beyond summer.


Indeed, Kumon helped the Noblefranca children excel in school and in extra-curricular activities. “First, our children’s Math skills definitely improved. There is no question about that. Second, Kumon boosted their confidence to speak out and participate in class. They are more confident whenever they are asked to join school programs; they can perform in front of a crowd. They became more sociable, and they now show eagerness and interest to get involved in extra-curricular activities. Last, they came to develop time management skills. ‘Responsibilities first before play’ was an initial policy turned realization,” Mrs. Noblefranca shares.

For all three children, school became easier and more fun and exciting now.

Parental Support

Mr. and Mrs. Noblefranca acknowledge that, as much as their children’s time & dedication is needed, they also have to do the same. “Bringing them to the Center regularly and fetching them ourselves is S.O.P. When it is time for them to answer their worksheets at home, we have to remove all distractions and ensure that the environment is conducive to study.”

Whenever the children experience difficulties in balancing their school and Kumon study, Mr. and Mrs. Noblefranca remind them that they genuinely believe that they can overcome these. In fact, recounting their past victories and how they successfully hurdle the obstacles help motivate them to keep on going.



The Noblefranca family agrees that Kumon has changed their lives for the better. “We learned how to listen to our children. It is intuitive for us parents to know what is best for them; but sometimes we have to pause and listen to what they say and feel,” shares Mrs. Noblefranca. This leads to another acceptance:

“Never underestimate the potential of a child.”

“Allow your children to grow.”

Who would have thought that the Noblefranca children can tackle advanced Math levels? “If we did not allow them to continue with the program because we were too scared, then how can we find out that they are capable of doing it? We learned how to trust them at a young age. Trusting them in the sense that we truly believe they have the potential to succeed and reach greater heights.

What advice can Mr. and Mrs. Noblefranca share with their fellow Kumon parents?

It is best that both parents and children understand why they are in Kumon.

“The kids would usually say that they are there to improve their grades in math. Some parents would say the same thing. Others may have or have not yet realized the intangible gains of being enrolled in the program. Nevertheless, the reason behind why they are doing Kumon should be understood.”

Also, parents should let children feel that doing Kumon is NOT an added burden.

“They are not being asked to give up what they like to do.  They can still do their hobbies and engage in other activities. We are aiding them in managing their time by balancing work, play, and rest.”

For the Noblefranca family, the once “blind faith” is now “concrete faith”. They see how Kumon has made their three children learn to love math and learning.

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