Fun Math Activities You Can Do at Home

There are many opportunities to explore, and have fun while learning math. Many teachers and educators have come up with different activities that involve math because they want you to see math as a subject that is part of your daily life.

Learning math through games and other projects will help you develop a better understanding of the subject and further boost your motivation to engage with math. Here are a few math-related activities you can try at home:

1. Number Guessing Game

This game is a test to see if you have good estimation skills. What you need is a jar and some candies, coins, or marbles. Without counting them, grab any of the mentioned objects and place them in the jar until it’s full. Now, try guessing the number of objects in the jar. You can also invite your family to join this game with you. The one who guesses closest to the actual number of objects in the jar wins!

2. Star Tessellation Math Art Project

A tessellation is created when a shape is repeated again and again, until it covers an entire space without gaps and overlaps. An example would be the tiles you have at home. Make a tessellation project by drawing geometric shapes repeatedly, such as a square and a triangle. After covering the space from drawing these shapes, add color to finish your artwork. You can refer to the illustration below:

3. Make a Map of Your Home

Have you ever wondered what a house looks like before it’s built? Architects draft floor plans first to exactly measure the distance from one room to another, and this involves a lot of math! You can try being an architect by drawing a map of your dream house or a building. This allows you to familiarize yourself with measurements and gives you an idea of how you can make estimates mentally.

4. Measure Ingredients

This engaging activity lets you enjoy the process of baking and puts your math skills to the test! As you help your mom measure the needed ingredients in a recipe, you are able to determine the difference between a part and a whole, a liter, and a pint, and many more. You can check if the ingredients you measured were just right once the finished product is ready.

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