Fun Reading Activities You Can Do at Home

Books and other reading materials allow anyone to be both informed and entertained. A number of readers say that reading serves as their escape, especially when they read fictional texts. Most of all, reading shapes one’s insights, opinions, and understanding.

To continue your learning journey through reading, here are some interesting reading-related activities that you can try at home

1. Bingo Reading Game

Make your reading time more interesting by trying a bingo reading game. Search for printable bingo reading cards on the internet, and choose those that involve reading activities or book titles. Tick off or place a sticker on the box one you’ve completed each activity. Consider this game as your “one-month reading challenge” to widen your vocabulary and explore different genres of reading materials!

2. Storytelling Time

Research says that reading aloud improves one’s vocabulary, comprehension, and information processing skills. If you have siblings with you at home, volunteer to read them a story and ask them to be your audience. This helps you become more drawn to what you’re reading, develop your confidence, and familiarize yourself with the correct pronunciation of words – plus you get to entertain yourself and your family.

3. Author/Book Review

It often happens that you become interested on a specific author upon reading a book series he/she has written. To cure your curiosity about a certain author, try to search about him/her in the internet and know more about that author by reading more about his/her life story and his/her books. Take it to another level by creating a short review of each book you’ve written, specifically sharing why you like the book and what you learned from it. This allows you to reflect on what you have read and create your own version of an author/book review.

4. DIY Story

Do you feel like writing your own story? Don’t hesitate and start writing! You have the option to get your imagination running by creating your own story, or to start simple by creating a journal about your life. Story-writing skills and the knack for storytelling takes time to develop. So go ahead – read, write and practice some more!

5. Read and Draw

Illustrating what you read is a great way to retain your memory of the story you’ve finished reading. Choose your favorite book and draw the setting and location of this particular story on paper. Add some color and try to illustrate what you understand about the story you read. After doing this activity, you will realize how vast your imagination can be. There are no limits to what you can draw about what you read!

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