Getting Your Child Busy Away from the Online World

Now that we are currently facing a pandemic, almost everything that we do nowadays is online. For your children, they are now leaning on gadgets, the internet, social media, and online games as forms of entertainment while staying at home. Yes, you are safe by staying home; but how safe are your children when they stare at a screen and switch between online activities for hours? In fact, several studies say that too much exposure to gadgets can affect a child’s mentality and emotional development.

So how can you keep them from too much exposure to gadgets? Here are a few things you can do to veer them away from gadgets and the online world:

Activities that involve the hands and creativity is a good way to keep your children busy. DIY arts and crafts are easy to do and can be a great way to bond with your children. You can guide them by doing simple origami (the art of paper folding) or creating a scrapbook for the rest of the family. Another activity that you can try involves spending time in the kitchen. Baking and cooking at home became a stay-at-home trend since the pandemic started. This could be a fun and learning-filled experience with your children since instructions and measurements are key parts of baking and cooking. You could bake some cookies or add a spin to their favorite pasta dish – perfect for your next meal for the day or as a care package for your relatives.

Spending hours on video games can cause several health problems like eyestrain and headaches. To prevent this from happening to your children, set up a time limit for playing video games, doing online activities, and watching television shows. Conducting game nights can help make your children excited about a new activity and keep them away from constantly using their gadgets. There are many board games and childhood games you can try, like chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Twister, and many more. Introducing these games doesn’t only give them something fun to do, but it can also be a new bonding session for the whole family.

Reading is an activity that everyone does daily. Almost every move involves the need to read a sign or a set of instructions. Developing a love for reading can be a huge help for your children as it builds an imaginative and creative mind and develops academic skills such as reading comprehension and critical thinking ability.

Encourage them by setting up a mini-library. Give them various things to read, like poems, short stories, novels, or even magazines. You can also set up at least 10 minutes a day for reading. Reading with your child can also be a good bonding time. Let their imagination flow by encouraging them to dress up while reciting or reading stories that they like.

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