Have the ‘I Can Do More’ Mindset

It feels wonderful when you know deep inside you have the skills and abilities that will allow you to do anything you set your mind to. When you have a strong mindset, it seems no one can stop you from acing your test or your next set of worksheets!

On the other side of it, there are also times you feel something’s holding you back. This unchartered feeling could be something that’s hindering you from discovering what you are truly capable of.

But, don’t fret! These feelings do occur sometimes! And when it does, here are handy points you that can help you have the “I Can Do More” mindset.

Remember, we all have potential.

People are all born with potential, and that includes you! 

Give yourself one proud pat on the back if you’ve discovered what you’re good at, what you love doing, and what you feel is your life’s purpose. Use and sharpen it.

But if you haven’t, or if you’re faced with one hiccup after another, don’t stop. Remember that we all have our unique gifts. When you’re done answering your Kumon worksheets, listen to your teacher when he/she provides feedback or recall what parts you found easy. It also helps to look at how far you’ve come. When you first entered Kumon, you didn’t know how to count, read, decipher complex passages or solve equations. Now, you can! You’re good at your studies, disciplined, helpful, independent, courageous, and persistent in school and at home. 

We all feel a myriad of emotions.

Humans are wired to feel a myriad of emotions. We all feel happy, motivated, or excited. But one of these many emotions is feeling down. And we do feel this from time to time. Perhaps you felt this when you had many mistakes, or you repeated the same worksheets. 

It’s valid to feel blue, but think of it as a learning opportunity–a chance to hone your skills!

Learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

To have the “I Can Do More” mindset amidst a challenging time, learn about your strengths and maximize them. 

On the other side of it all, acknowledge your weaknesses, too! Don’t feel bad if you have them, as we all have something we need to work on. Once you’ve learned about your soft spot, discover how you can strengthen it or work around it. Let’s say reading or literature is something you find challenging. Ask your parents if you can enroll in the Kumon Reading Program to discover your skills in reading. The same goes if you find math-related topics difficult. 

Feel free to always reach out or lend a helping hand.

Humans are instinctively social beings. It is natural to feel alone or lonely when we are isolated from others or when something doesn’t go as expected. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you think something’s too difficult or confusing. Along the same vein, don’t hesitate to help out those who need your help, whether in school or at home.

When you’re stuck with an item or if you’ve been repeating the same worksheets, ask for the advice of your teacher, parents–even friends in and out of school. Perhaps they can lend a helping hand, motivate, or offer a fresh perspective on how to tackle your problem.

We all have skills and abilities! Sometimes, we just need someone or something to remind us of our potential. Sometimes, too, we need to reach out and see our trouble’s from another person’s point of view.

Learn something new.

You can do more if you expand your horizons! Don’t be afraid to try something new to discover your full potential. 

In Kumon, put your game face on when you are given a new set of worksheets or if you go up to the next level. Keep your chin up when you enroll in another Kumon Program, as this is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and strengthen your skills and abilities. 

Feeling giddy when you try something for the first time is expected. But don’t let that get in your way of experiencing the fullness of life.

Keep on trying.

There are times we succeed after doing something the first time. It surely feels good when it happens. But there’s a different kind of triumph, joy, and pride when you succeed at something after consistently practicing and not giving up!

To grow with an “I Can Do More” mindset, train your mind to try again and not easily tap out when things get tough. Strengthen your mindset until you courageously see challenges and mistakes as a chance to improve yourself.

When you feel like your rollercoaster-kind-of-life is down,  look around and within you to discover what you are truly capable of. You have the potential to do what you want. Just exclaim, “I Can Do More!” 

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