His Decision, His Drive, His Achievement

Describing himself as a student who never gets satisfied and always pushes himself to do the things people say he can’t do, Jane Frances Capuyan was in junior high school when he could not understand his math lessons in school. He knew that he had to do something about it as tutorial sessions did not seem to help him understand math better.

“I remembered seeing a Kumon Center in our community which prompted me to inquire and research more about the method. After learning about how Kumon is different, and how it can further develop my skills in math and unleash my potential, I was convinced that this was a program that could help me in the long run.

So he told his parents, enrolled, and has completed the Math Program.


Time was one of Jane’s biggest challenges in his Kumon study. He had to learn to manage his time properly between doing school work, attending club activities, having a social life, and going to Kumon. Grade 10 was very demanding for him with lots of projects and requirements, In addition, he was already answering worksheets in the higher math levels – with him taking so much time on just a single sheet in Levels L, N and O.”

“The encouragement and motivation from my teachers in Kumon was what helped me get through the difficult parts. They also reminded me of how much I have already achieved and how near I was to completing the program.”


Kumon has made Jane more confident, independent, and disciplined. He is not afraid of math and is eager to learn more. He has a deeper drive and determination to achieve his goals and to overcome any obstacles.

“Kumon has changed my perspective in life – on how I should plan my future, deal with challenges and difficulties, and change my strategy for fulfilling my goals in life. I learned that I must never doubt my ability to achieve and overcome anything.”

With Toru Kumon’s quote in mind, Jane knows that he will never know unless he gives it a try. He has learned the value of commitment in transforming his dreams into reality.

“There will be tough moments when I feel like throwing in the towel – frustrating times when I hit a roadblock and want to quit. But I must always remember to forge ahead and keep going. Despite the sweat and tears, I must not give up on myself – it is worth the fight for a brighter future.”


Jane has many dreams in life – from being successful in his school life and getting a college degree (two degrees even), to graduating law from Harvard University and starting his own multimillion-dollar empire.

“I want to live a long and happy life with my parents and siblings. I realized that success is not the key to happiness but that happiness is the key to success.”

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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