How Am I Doing?

Time flies. Can you still remember you and your family greeting the New Year a few months back?

But in just a few weeks, the second half of the year will be arriving with a big hello. This is a great time to set aside an hour or a day to quickly review your goals (be it for school, personal, or Kumon) with your parents. You can use this time to not only bond and create a deeper relationship with them, but to also look back on what progress you’ve made on your goals for the first six months and to make the necessary adjustments so that you can reach them for the remainder of the year.

To give you a head start, here are five topics you can consider tackling during your mid-year review:

Key Accomplishments

It’s always good to start any discussion on a high note. You can start listing down all your achievements so far. These can be directly or indirectly related to your goals for the year. You can also describe to your parent how you felt before, during, and after these achievements. This allows you to see the value of both the result and how you reached the result.

New Learning

Achieving something you’ve never done before is a good highlight. You can share with your parents your new learnings so far, how you feel after learning these, and how you have applied these so far in school or other activities. This makes you understand the benefits of going out of your comfort zone and encourages you to do it more often.


It is often said that all the best victories come from the most significant defeats. So it’s not a bad idea to reflect on the mistakes you have made so far. But to make it a more productive review session, share with your parents what you have learned from these mistakes. You eventually realize that making mistakes is not something to be ashamed of.

Time Management

One of the significant factors in achieving goals is time. With your parents, you can measure which tasks you took the longest and shortest time to complete. Then you can decide how to adjust your schedule by extending time frames for certain activities and eliminating others. Determining this gives you a deeper sense of responsibility and accountability for your goals.


A lot can change and happen in a few months. Adding and/or eliminating goals are needed and understandable. You may want to try doing activities not originally planned or you may want to let go of some goals you think you may not be able to give your full time, effort, and attention. Consider adjustments as a good sense of change that will help you be more on track to achieve what you want to achieve for the year.

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