How does Kumon foster the love for learning?

Kumon has always been deeply rooted in love. Our founder, Mr. Toru Kumon, developed the Kumon Program to equip his son, Takeshi with the needed skills and abilities to study mathematics independently and with ease. As a result of consistent studying, his son was able to answer advanced math topics (calculus) by 6th grade.

Dedicated to improving the abilities of many students, Mr. Kumon invited children from their neighborhood to study the same way he and Takeshi did. In time, all of these children greatly improved their academic abilities.

Since then, the Kumon Method of Learning has spread all over the world through teachers or Kumon Instructors with the same passion for learning and children.

Almost six decades after, how does Kumon continue to foster each child’s love for learning?

Study begins at the just-right level

Like how Kumon believes that each student has unique skills, we also acknowledge that each has varying academic abilities.

We, then, ensure that students begin their studies at a point that would let them enjoy studying and motivate them to do their best. We call this the “just-right” level–a level that’s not too easy that the students get bored and not too difficult that they would struggle and lose interest.

Studying at the “just-right” level takes away from students the pressure of keeping up with students their age. Instead, it gives them a healthier mindset that allows them to focus on developing their skills, advancing at their own pace, and in time, bringing out their very best selves.

Learning is individualized

After finding the just-right level of study, we continue to tailor the program to their academic abilities and skills–regardless of age or school grade.

To enable our student’s lifelong love for learning, Kumon Instructors consider each student’s mastery of a topic and current abilities before assigning the appropriate worksheets. By providing an individualized study plan, students study at a comfortable pace. This pace will give them the opportunity to deeply understand concepts and appreciate the value of every lesson.

Daily study is done

It’s been said that daily action becomes a habit, and habit forms character. This is proven in Kumon.

Kumon students generally study worksheets for about 30 minutes daily. These small-step worksheets are carefully created to be studied daily to help students progress comfortably. Through the daily study of the worksheets, they steadily develop academic skills and form a healthy study habit and positive attitude towards school and learning.

Efforts are recognized and praised

Positive affirmation is beneficial, especially during developmental periods. This simple act can serve as students’ guide and motivation to do better in their tasks.

And so in Kumon, Instructors always start students’ journeys by sharing their current skills and abilities during enrollment. They explain how the Kumon Method can help the students further develop these strengths while building new skills and abilities. And for every class day, teachers provide feedback to students (and parents) to let them know about their progress, what good practices students have done while answering the worksheets, and how these can be utilized when answering the next sets of homework.

Fostering students’ lifelong love for learning has been one of Kumon’s goals. We believe that this value will be beneficial for each child as they go out into the world and showcase their full potential.


Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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