How does Kumon unlock the potential of your child?

As a parent, you believe your child is special in his/her own way. Similarly, Kumon also believes that all children possess unlimited potential.

To unlock this, children should get proper guidance from teachers and parents, coupled with the opportunity to study in good learning programs, such as the Kumon Method of Learning. With a staunch belief in children, Kumon has been able to foster the skills of millions of students globally and thousands in the Philippines.

But how does the Kumon Method of Learning develop the ability of each child?

Children receive individualized instruction.

Before your child begins his/her Kumon study, he/she will undergo the Diagnostic Test–an assessment that helps Instructors determine his/her current abilities. The results will also allow Kumon Instructors to create a curriculum tailored to each child’s capability.

At Kumon, we ensure that the instruction your child receives best suits his/her academic ability. We don’t simply let him/her study the same topics based on his/her age or grade level. By studying a curriculum made for your child, he/she can study easily and at his/her own pace. Steadily, this study setup helps him/her enjoy learning while developing confidence.

They do the “just-right” level of study.

To continue honing the skills and abilities of your child, Kumon Instructors ensure that he/she studies at the “just-right” level. This stage in his/her Kumon study is where students feel a sense of accomplishment and progress when they answer worksheets with little to no guidance from you or an Instructor.

When studying at the right level, the Kumon worksheets provide him/her with mental stimulus to further sharpen his/her capabilities and concentration. As this goes on, he/she steadily solidifies the foundations of learning and becomes more independent and confident to tackle higher levels of academic challenges.

They are enabled to self-learn.

One of the keys to unlocking your child’s potential in Kumon is empowering his/her ability to study independently.

We help your child discover the joy and beauty of studying independently with the help of the Kumon worksheets. As your child tackles the worksheets daily, the difficulty of topics increases marginally so that he/she can build self-learning ability without being spoon-fed. As he/she goes on, his/her self-learning ability, the knowledge he/she has gained in the previous worksheets, and carefully laid out hints and examples will help him/her confidently answer new topics!

They are encouraged to do daily & continuous study.

One of the ways Kumon helps your child unlock his/her skills and abilities is through daily and continuous study.

Aside from answering worksheets once or twice in the Center, your child will be assigned daily Kumon homework, which he/she can answer for at least 30 minutes each day per subject. As he/she gets the hang of this daily routine, they will develop dedication, perseverance, and a positive attitude toward learning.

Kumon has been known for its unique yet effective learning approach. With individualized instruction, just-right level of study, daily learning, and the pursuit of self-learning, millions of students have discovered their true potential.

As your child enrolls in Kumon and experiences the features of the world-renowned method of learning, he/she will not only develop academic skills that are handy in school. Beyond learning, they will develop essential life skills that are valuable today and tomorrow.


Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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